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George B. Mcclellan Essay, Research Paper

George B. McClellan

The Disposable Patriot

“George B. McClellan, The Disposable Patriot” by Micheal J. McHugh recounts the struggles of the young Napoleon, George B. McClellan, as he lived out his life. George B. McClellan lived a long and fulfilling life in both the military and politics, and still had a good loving christian family. Through out the book George B. McClellan is determined to live his life for the Lord.

George B. McClellan came from a well-to-do family. His father was a Doctor, which accounts for George’s good education. Also his mother and father where christians serving the Lord, which accounts for his concern for his fellow man. His grandfather was a revolutionary war general, which may account for his going into the military. Since George had concern for his fellow man he was careful while moving his army, the Potomac, to new places. He also always wanted to be well prepared before battle. When George would ask the leaders in Washington for more supplies and men they would turn

him down. So he would delay an attack until he thought he was ready for battle. This unfortunately cost him his career in the miltary. After he was out of the military, he was nominated as a presidential candidate, but not surprising to Geoge he lost the election. George wanted to live a normal life after this and due to investments he would be able to live comfortably for a long time. Later he and his family traveled to England and spent three and half years touring all over Europe. While he was in Europe President Lincoln was assassinated, when George heard this news he was devastated. In early October 1885 George had experienced chest pains and on October 29, 1885 George B. McClellan died.

George B. McClellan tried to not to act against his belief in the Lord. He prayed everyday in hope of keeping his family and men safe. He was very concerned about the wellfare of his men. The leaders in Washington did not care for George and his men all they where concerned about is the appearance in the papers about the war and what people thought. So soon enough George was asked to step down from his postition. George still kept his faith in the Lord and moved on. Never once did he doubt his belief. If it was not for his strong faith in the Lord he probably would of lived a nonfulfilling life, but since he did keep his faith he lived a long fulfilling life.

George B. Mcllellans life was inspiring to some people. No matter what he kept his faith in the lord through thick and thin. He tried his hardest when going for something and did not give up easily. Therefore achiving many things in his life time. He worked hard for his country, family, and the Lord. His life was very fullfilling he had a wife and children. He got to see diffirent parts of the world. He also had many experiences in the military and buis’ness career. So throughout his life, people looked up to him in many ways.

“George B. McClellan, The Disposable Patriot” was a not a favorable book in my opinion. I am not much for biographys but it did have a few good points to it. I learned to be myself no matter what people say as George did when the leaders in Washington tried to make him do things against his will like attack the confederat armies. The author’s perspective on George B. McClellan was that he was not a bad guy who was affraid to do things. I agree with this statment because George was just doing what he thought was right and watching out for his fellow man.

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