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Inspiration Essay, Research Paper

The future is determined by actions taken at any given time, that has an effect on someone or something. Going through life is not always fair game, or at the least, easy to get by. Being able to admire someone is the biggest accomplishment anyone can ever come to appreciate. Role models are able to provide the feeling of comfort to people who need that in their life. Having someone of superior status to think highly of, allows a person infinite emotions that have a substantial impact on the way that persons life is controlled. People all over the world have dreams and goals, but it is a much easier task to complete when someone is there to guide in the correct direction. Self-discipline is a great characteristic to have, but if it does not come naturally, then it is only smart to find an impressive role model to follow along the way.

I have had the privilege to know a special woman named Mrs. Talbert, my high school basketball coach. She is a unique person that has had a successful influence on my life, while at the same time she has left many memories for me to reflect back on. She has the voice of a severe cold that does not go away, while at the same time she has the same smile of a mouse getting free from a cat. She has the determination of a helpless person wanting to get out of that wheelchair and walk again. She knows when to say the right things, when not to say anything, and when to just give the looks of authority. Others respect her as well, but I have looked to her as my role model and more. She is my mother away from home, she is my advisor in my studies, and she is my

friend who I can go to anytime. She provides all the specifications of a role model, and I would not look up to anyone else, because she represents everything I need to learn.

It is always suitable to be able respect a role model because of his/her

personal history. Being able to know that my admirer has had a displeasing past life, and has became a stronger person because of it, is the best feeling I can recall. She was raised with no mother, many siblings, and insufficient money to provide necessities. Her mother was killed while spreading the gospel as a missionary in another country. She wasn?t the oldest, but the most determined of the siblings that knew she had to take the responsibility of caring for the family as her mother did. She had to obtain two jobs just to help provide food and shelter for the family. A normal day for her would be, waking up in the morning to finish chores, cooking and feeding breakfast, going to school for the majority of the day, coming home to cook supper and attend to laundry, and clean the house after a day of restless kids. The challenges she faced everyday, were troublesome, but not impossible.

What is the main purpose of having an admirer? I could not even begin to retain information of all of the memories of Mrs. Talbert and I, but I can say that my main purpose for admiring her, is for motivation I get from just being near her. When I am in her presence I feel as if I am comfortable to say anything, express my opinions, believe in my self, and the receive the willingness to listen to what she has to say. She is the type of

person who could make you want to run five miles, because she has that motivational encouragement that people love to hear. She gives positive advice to the confused, she

gives motivation to the weak, she gives the will to win to the losers, and she allows openness to the stubborn. To have an admirer, is like a privilege. If you take advantage of the opportunity then you lose it, but if you open your mind and heart, then you will only go to the road to success.

I can only thank Mrs. Talbert for the memories, and more to come as we approach more obstacles. There are many opinions as to why people have an admirer, but do they really know deep inside the true reason why? I have respected Mrs. Talbert all my life for her difficult past life, her determination, and the will to keep going no matter what. My true reason of my admirer would be the fact that she has opened new opportunities for me to explore and to fulfill my dreams. Mrs. Talbert has a gift to help people and like any ordinary person, I have the gift of accepting someone like Mrs. Talbert as my inspiration in life.

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