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Magazine Critique

Single is an independent word that means freedom, in social terms. Freedom is basically another word for having the time of your life with as little responsibility and as much fun as possible. Socializing with whomever you desire gives you that lack of restrictions, and almost unlimited options in the societal game. In other cases, there comes a time when being single means being lonely and depressed, which becomes a fear to overcome. Rather than sit around all day waiting for things to happen, and they probably won t, you realize that it is time for you to move on and have fun.

The article, Single and, is an article written by a person that wants to motivate the people who are single and not doing anything about it. Not much ever happens to these people and their life is on permanent hold. Its basically telling you to get on up your lazy behind and do something with your life before it is too late. If opportunity is knocking and the door, break it down. Any action brings a feeling of accomplishment. Once you concentrate on the process itself, rather than the outcome of each date, you can learn from mistakes and attempt to correct them in the future.

The critique is bias toward women because it seems that women are more likely to put their dating life on hold than men are. That is because women are often raised to wait for things to happen to them, rather than make things happen. Men are usually raised to make things happen. It doesn t mean men can t have it vice versa. The editorial also mentions men, but not as brief as women

I definitely agree with the author because I believe an article such as this one will help aid the singles out there looking for some motivation and a brighter day ahead. Meaning that the day after reading this article, they make something happen. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn t, but keeping your head up and being optimistic will help you in many ways possible.

There have been many articles written in many mainstream magazines such as teen editorials, Women and Men Magazines, and Digests that are similar to this one, but not as clear. Being single does have its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the situation you are in would determine whether there would be more weight on one side than the other. This subject can be related by so many people and can also change someone s life. A provocative change is often necessary to do something about your life.

How does this article relate to my life? I have been involved in more than a couple of relationships. Usually lasting about a little more than a couple of months. Then a certain someone walked into my life. It seemed that each day was better than yesterday, and I couldn t get tired of her. It seemed that god created her for me. We went out for about two and a half years and I fell for her. It seemed that our relationship was becoming too serious for our age, so we broke it off and became friends. There was an on again off again relationship between us and we decided part our ways because of college and other reasons. It is closing on almost a year since that happened. Since then, I haven t really been who I used to be, an outgoing person that always got in trouble cause he couldn t keep his mouth shut. Now I am as quiet as a mouse. This website and article helped motivate me to do something about my life. It made me realize many things and opportunities waiting for me. At least I took a step forward than stood still. But I have to make things happen or chances will be passed by. After all, you can t turn back the hands of time.

Many people in society can relate to my situation. People take breakups of long relationships differently than others. But inevitably leaves the both of you single. Which means you are unemployed and looking for work. Some just wait for things to happen, others make things happen. This article helps in many ways motivate you to make a change, but the hardest part is consistently stay on top of your game. All in all, a magazine critique can be very affective, but actions speak louder than words.

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