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Dealing With The Ideas Of Niccolo Machiavelli Essay, Research Paper

Muhd Fawwaz

Dealing with the ideas of Niccolo Machiavelli

This essay is about the idea of Niccolo Machiavelli ideas about politic and leadership. A lot of his ideas are interesting and a lot of it does not have good aspects in morality. A lot of it tells us that as a leader, we should know how to lie in a way that can help us as a leader. All of his ideas have been put in a text called `The Prince?, where he put his ideas what a leader can do and what a leader should not do.

The ideas of Machiavelli is mostly immoral and do not show that a leader as a good and honest. One of his main ideas is about what a leader should be love or should be feared by his people. From his text, he said that it is better to be feared that to be love because to be loved is more risky. Being love is more risky because of the human mind. We all know that human mind can be changed quickly. For example when a leader and his people are threatened of being kill, the people will turn their back against the leader to save their own lives. Other than that, human can also be change by giving something for example, wealth and money. All this can make the followers and the people change their back. If a leader is feared, the risk is lower because the follower and people would be fear of doing something wrong to the leader because they maybe will get caught and will get punished.

As a leader, Machiavelli said that we should always be careful in all our action because others will always watch and our action will affect others. This means that a leader should not make careless mistake because a small mistake could cost us to get thrown of our position as a leader. A leader also should be merciful but must be careful when being mercy for example when giving punishment, the punishment should be severe.

One of the most interesting ideas from Machiavelli is about being two faced. He also said that a leader should use any method necessary that can help a leader in retaining their power. For being two face, a leader should always be seen by the people that he is trustworthy, reliable, principled humane and strong in his religion. Another idea is about not being afraid of doing something wrong when necessary, for example being unfair, unjust and not always telling the truth.

Another good idea form Machiavelli is about how a leader should avoid of being hate by his people. He says that, a leader must always avoid of interfering with his people belongings because this is one way that can make a leader to be hate by his people. A leader should also show that he is fit to be a leader and have all the aspect that a leader need for example being brave and not being girlish. A leader also can make decision wisely.

From Machiavelli?s ideas, we can see that human values are not so important in political life because using human values is not a good way to rule. Human value is more into always doing good and being honest and to do that is a way a leader should always avoid because it could be the way that could spoil a leader good reputation.

In the point of political values and morality, all of these ideas are true and narrower on not being moral but this can still be arguable. The idea of a leader that should always be seen by the people that always do good thing and being trustworthy although he is not is true because it can help to retain a leader power and to keep the trust of the people to a leader. Leaders also have rights to lie and not telling the truth if necessary if the result will be good for the leader. A leader also must be brave and should do anything that he can to keep his power, for example of being cruel and forceful if it can help a leader in doing something that can help his people and his ruling zone.

In Religious point of view and Machiavelli ideas are totally different because in religious ideas in being a leader, a leader should always be good and always use good morality values in their ways in being a leader and ruling. But, can always a leader show this and always be honest?, For a lot of people, this is quite impossible to maintain honesty if it will give bad result to the leader, so the solution will always turn to Machiavelli?s idea and this show that religious ways cannot be useful as a leader.

The ideas that can still be argued is about not being honest and about being immoral. For some people, being moral and using good manners in ruling can still be a good way as a leader but the risk of failing could be more because we can see that being too honest and being too kind could make a leader look weak and can be easily been thrown off his position as a leader using method that is opposite his way that is immoral.

As a conclusion, a leader that is immoral and use Machiavelli ideas should be a good leader because his ideas are safer for maintaining a leader power and success. Machiavelli?s way also is good to help a leader to be seen as a good person by the peoples eye. It should be true that the entire leader of the world at this time use methods from Machiavelli to help them in their political ways and does the end justify the means?, The answer should be narrower to `yes it does?.

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