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Hillary Clinton Essay, Research Paper

Hillary Clinton has announced she is running for a seat in the senate representing New York. What does this mean for us New Yorkers. Well, first of all it means if she’s elected we will be hearing about the Clintons for another four years. It also means we will have a red neck with no other political experience making vital decision that effect New York and New Yorkers. If Hillary Clinton is elected in November it certainly means the New York political system will be a circus for the next four years

First of all is Hillary Clinton serious about becoming a senator of New York or is she using the state for publicity for a future presidential run? She is planning to represent a state she knows nothing about and has lived in part time for only a couple of months. Her only political experience is doing jobs her husband has appointed her to by her husband. Hillary’s biggest project was the national Medicare system which many couldn’t even believe she was serious about. Many political scientists believed if her system was put into action it would have bankrupted the social security system and ruined the medical system in this country. Luckily her Medicare system never got off the ground. Good work Hillary. It is fact that Hillary is the only female in modern politics that would stand a chance at running for president. Her only problem is her lack of experience in the political world. Hillary sees New York as an easy target and a good source of experience to become president. Lets not let Hillary use New York as practice for her political career.

For some one with very little political experience she sure has been involved in a many scandals such as Travelgate, Whitewater, and filegate to name a few. The travelgate scandals started when the White House abruptly fired seven career employees from the Travel Office on May 19, 1993, and accused them of mishandling money. The firings led to charges that Clinton administration officials tried to use the FBI to justify the firings in order to install political friends in the office. David Watkins, the White House chief of administration, who actually fired the staff, told a House committee that Hillary Clinton didn’t directly order the firings but pressured him to take the action. Whitewater started as a land development of riverfront property in Arkansas in the 1980s. The Clintons received a large share of the development without putting up any money. When the development went sour, additional capital funds were needed. There is evidence and testimony suggesting that these cash funds were obtained illegally from the federal government and never paid back. It took Hillary exactly 5 minutes from the time she learned that her close friend Vince Foster had died, to call her chief of staff and ask her to remove compromising documents from Foster’s office. Foster may have been one of the only people to truly link the Clintons to this scandals.

At this point in time it appears at this point that Hillary and mayor Giuliani are dead locked in the polls. What can we do to stop the travesty of Hillary becoming senator of New York, its simple, vote.


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