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Indians Of The United States Essay, Research Paper

Indians of the United States

There was a time long ago when there was no man in America, only animals. This was thousands of years before Columbus ever set eyes on America. What he saw was different; he saw a land populated from the north to the south. Due to the natural instinct of man to explore, the explorers just that to figure out the mysterious Indians. The explorers later theorized that the Indians came from Siberia through a land bridge in the Bering Strait during the time when the water levels were not high. They also realized that it was difficult to predict the times when things happened to the Indians since they did not keep written records. Then they figured out by use of imagination that the Indians crossed over the land bridge to Alaska finding wild game. And following rivers and bodies of water, they moved south covering most of America. Another evidence was found near the site of Folsom, New Mexico, which was an arrow points or dart point. Fossils found showed that they used these arrow points to hunt mammoths and other animals. We can only guess what the story of the Indians is based on evidence and the story they sketched out in cave walls.

I found this book to be very interesting and useful due to the fact that it covers many aspects of the Indian culture and it covers many different tribes and groups of the Indians. Also this books spans many years, following the development of the Indians. Also, this book portrays the struggles and hardships of the Indians. Another reason why I chose this book was because it covered the group of my choice, the Zunis, in extensive detail.

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