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Fahrenheit 451 Essay, Research Paper

Fahrenheit 451

Response #1:

From the first section of the novel, titled The Hearth and the Salamander you mostly get involved in the setting, and get in contact with the characters. I believe the author gives very attention-grabbing and outstanding descriptions of the characters in this novel, which include, Guy Montage, Clarisse McClellan, Mildred Montag, The ?Operators?, Captain Beatty, Stoneman and Black, the old woman, Professor Faber, Mrs. Ann Bowles and Mrs. Clara Phelps, and Granger, there are also many other characters, but their names aren?t mentioned in this novel. Out of so many characters there are only four main characters. Montag being the main character, and Mildred being his ?robot of society? wife. Clarisse, though only in the story briefly, was the cause for Montag?s change of thought. They associated with each other from time-to-time, so part of her individuality rubbed off on him. This not only brings Montag to start having identical thoughts as her, but it also gives him an objective reality by which Montag can judge his society. Or at least that what I think! The old lady played a major role in the plot. Her death helps Montag realize what he is doing is very wrong, and helps clarify the significance of his encounters with Clarisse. Also the first section gives you an indication of the conflict in the novel, which is person vs. society. Montag reading books and all his thoughts changing towards his ideal society is the conflict.

Response #2:

Many things change in the second part of the novel, titled The Sieve and the Sand. Montag challenges his society by getting to caught up in books. He comes to the decision that they are too significant to burn and desires to fight back against the whole burning of books idea. I think what he does is good, however it?s too sudden. He shouldn?t rush into something like this because he may get caught, and turn up

Fahrenheit 451

with a similar outcome Clarisse and the old lady ended up with, death! You also notice how captain Beatty acts towards the end of part two. In fact he surprises you by showing his character is not as mindless as the rest of the world. He shows that he is intelligent as he is cunning when they race on the fire truck (salamander), to get to a ?fire.? Captain Beatty says ?here we go to keep the world happy, Montag!? (Page 106) Most likely knowing they are going to his house. Which would not please Montag.

Response #3:

I believe it?s really upsetting when your own wife can not be trusted. It shows marriages in this future are depleted of warmth and compassion, which is a disgrace. It?s also a shame that people can?t be individuals because what would the world be if each person would be similar to one another. In fact it would be just like Fahrenheit 451.

While reading the last section, titled Burning Bright I finally realized what the real purpose of this story is. It is that change is not always good, in fact it?s usually bad. The change from television to books happened to fast in the twentieth century, and this is the outcome. The purpose of this book is to prove to you that if the advancements in technology don?t show down, books may become obsolete in the twenty-first century. So unless people want the world to become Fahrenheit 451, start receiving your daily ?knowledge contribution? by books, rather from the new technology of our times, such as the internet. An example of this book happened on the night called Kristalnacht (night of broken glass), when nazi Germany (under Hitler?s rule) burned all the books. Which was to destroy any apposing forces (ideas) of humanity. Where in the story they did the same. Therefore the second purpose of this story would be to learn from the past mistakes. Or in this novels case it would be to learn from the futures mistakes and never to repeat them.

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