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Art Of Sex Essay, Research Paper

The basis of the continuation of life all falls down to one act, the act of sex. There are many different meanings to sex. Sex could be used through intercourse, emotionally or for pleasure. However, sex can also be done with different techniques or variations. Sadomasochism and Kamasutra are two variations of the techniques that a person can use to reach their sexual peak.

Sadomasochism is a term that combines two words, Sadism and Masochism. “Sadism has to do with inflicting pain during sex. Masochism is enjoying receiving pain during sex” (Internet). Sadomasochism is one variation of sex that could be accepted in the upcoming years. Now a day Sadomasochism is taboo, however this is the information I could find on the topic.

Sadist and Masochist are two term that you will hear a lot in the up coming years. A Sadist ” is a person who derives sexual satisfaction from experiencing pain”. A Masochist is “a person who derives sexual satisfaction from experiencing pain.” Masochist was named after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), who was him self a masochist. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch wrote a few books on the subject of masochism. The term ” Sadist” derives from the name of the name of the historical character the Marquis de Sad who lived around the time of the French Revolution. The best-known novel about Sadism is “Justine” by Marquis de Sad.

The causes of Sadomasochism are not precisely known, However, Dr. Wilson, Glenn D. tries to explain causes of Sadomasochism. Dr. Wilson, Glenn D. explain Sadomasochism as a learning conditional: For example, a boy being spanked over his mother’s knee: in the process, his penis rubs against her knee, and he gets an erection. Another example could be a girl is caught masturbating and is spanked. These are events that will teach child to associate pain with sexual arousal, possibly setting up a life long Career as a masochist.

Sociologists emphasize that the key to the definition of S-M (Sadomasochism) is not pain, but rather dominance and submission (Weinberg, 1987). Thus it is not an individual phenomenon, but rather a social phenomenon embedded in a subculture and controlled by elaborate scripts. Sadomasochism as a technique: “When one is aroused, a small amount of pain is insignificant, as there are tons of endorphins running through your body. That small amount of pain does, however, make it that much harder to reach orgasm. Increase the pleasure, then increase the pain, etc. This cycle allows for incredibly intense sexual experiences.” This technique is not as different as Kamasutra.

Sadomasochism sounds as though it is an extreme way of reaching ones sexual peak. I feel that there is no difference between Kamasutra and Sadomasochism. They are just two different techniques. The latter is like a psychological way of reaching ones sexual peak. However, the first technique is more physical.

“Kamasutra is the ancient Indian art of making love composed by Mallanga Vatsyana while he was leading the life of a religious and holy student engaged in the contemplation of the Divine.” In ancient times Indians were less inhibited about love and lovemaking. Sadomasochism is different. It is still looked, as a taboo form of making love, however, the basic technique is the same.

“There are four principles of Kamasutra: Kama, the pursuit of pleasure; Artha, the pursuit of power and material wealth; Dharma, the pursuit of the moral life; and Moksha, the pursuit of liberation through the negation of the self in a state of being known as nirvana. Anybody can acquaint the true principles of the science and preserves the principles of Dharma, Artha and Kama (religious merit wealth and love respectively): However, these ideas of Kamasutra are on a spiritual level. The main goal of Kamasutra is to master the techniques of reaching ones sexual peak.

Kamasutra as a technique: “If one wants to achieve the ultimate of sexual bliss. A man must never consider penetrating a woman’s vagina with his penis, until her body has had time to completely prepare itself for the act. In order to make a woman more responsive to him; the male must first stimulate her body to the point of arousal. Direct contact by touching and caressing her body, creates the emotional bond necessary to bring her to this state arousal.”

Foreplay is almost like the techniques that Sadist and masochist when they use bondage (A types of sadomasochism in which sexual pleasure is derived from feeling restricted, usually by being tied up with ropes). Foreplay is an event that should be prolonged as long as possible so that the female can reach her sexual peak, because it takes longer for a female to reach their sexual peak than a male. ” Erotic stimulation through the sense of touch, can create a harmony in the couple so intense, that their sexual energies fuse together, and become as one. They become more familiar with their partner’s body, and this is very important if they wish to reach orgasm together. Climaxing together is a difficult task to achieve, and requires significant effort, but the rewards are well worth it. The main reason why men and women find it difficult to reach orgasm simultaneously is because the intensity and timing of their ardor, or desire, is not synchronized.”

What makes Sadomasochism a sexual variation like Kamasutra is that both techniques give a sexual satisfaction to both persons. ” Upon commencing copulation, the desire of the male is very strong. His first instinct is to complete the act as soon as possible, to extinguish his fire. When he repeats the sex act for the second, and if possible, third time, it is much different. He is more able to sustain himself. Copulation is slow and relaxed, and he is able to enjoy himself more, while pleasing his lady.” In Sadomasochism the maocist and sadist are enjoying themselves also.


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