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Equal Opportunity In The Work Force Essay, Research Paper

Equal opportunity in the work forceThe question of equal opportunity in the work force is on therise withmore minorities in the work force. For everyone in thework force there is a chance that their job is no longer safebecause businesses have tomeet minority standards. Today thereare statistics showing the use of discrimination for those who arenot hired because they are a minority. In America, land of opportunity, everyone is created equal.The United States is a country made up of different ethnicbackgrounds. America has often been referred to as the big melting pot. So let’stake the person who has a college education thattook five to eight year with internship experience and tell them we will get back to them. The on the other hand a person straightout of college with less experience who has a different skin colormay get the job. What a great country, one that pushes, everyone is equal and you can do anything you want todo. Another way to look at equal opportunities is in financialaid. There’s always the million dollar question on allapplicationsfor work and school, “race?”. If all are created equal

then why ask this question? To look at the financial aid, thegovernment will pay moneyto someone for their race, even if theirnot worth the money. You always get the ones that milk the government system and will always rely onit. Then there is ananglo saxon student with great grades coming outof high school and wants to pursue life after high school with a college education. Then in the end the person files for financial aid and does not getany assistance. He may be forced to give up his goal inlife. This conflict causes a lot of controversy due to the loss offuture job opportunities. The lack of assistance to all Americans, is hindering our future prospective professionals. We may lose future rocket scientists, computer programmers, or even doctor’s capableof finding the cure for diseases that are killing people. For thefuture of all Americans with the thought of achieving, lets hope that the work force and education system doesn’t give positions and financial aid to people for their skin color.

Looking into the future experts say that the Anglo Saxon will be a minority. Lets fix the problem before people start losing respect for the government and their job opportunities.

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