Реферат: My Story Victory Down Under Essay Research

My Story: Victory Down Under Essay, Research Paper


I never thought I would have to go as far as Australia

to write a story on a fellow Bayonne High School alumnus,

Monica Czeravlo. I was of course always familiar with her

track breaking record all through school, but I never had the

opportunity to talk with her one on one.

Now here I am in beautiful Sydney, waiting patiently

with pen and paper in hand for Monica to finish her interview

with NBC. It’s a delightful day with a temperature of about

85 degrees, and the sun shimmering down brightly. I can almost

feel the same excitement in the air as Monica must have felt

when winning the gold metal.

Nearly an hour and an half after arriving to the

Olympic tent I spot Monica trying to escape a gaggle of anxious

reporters. Eventually I get her attention and she calls me over

to where she is sitting, the infield grass of the track. After all

the congratulations and formalities our interview begins.

She is friendly and open so I enjoy her company

Immediately. She starts off by telling me of her Uncle who was

in the 1976 Olympics running for Poland. “He was my mentor,

whenever I felt my practices were becoming to intense and

wanted to quit he was always there to encourage me to thrive for

success.” Unfortunately, Monica’s Uncle Peter passed away in

1996, but Monica says that despite the pain she felt she

knows her Uncle is smiling down on her today: “I used to fear

the death of a loved one the most, but I realize now that death is

a part of life and that a death in this life might signify a birth in


Most people don’t realize the nervousness and anxiety that

accompany someone to the Olympics. For Monica this plague

attacked before her big day. “I went out to dinner with my

teammates that evening. It wasn’t until 2 o’clock that morning

when it starting feeling as if the kangaroo steaks I had for

dinner were shill hopping around in my stomach.” Monica

thought that she wouldn’t even be able to compete in, let

win the race the next day. But the key break came when she was

awarded the inside position, which saves the runner some

advantage at the beginning of the race.

What are your plans for the immediate future? “I

Intend to finish my early education degree and become a first

grade teacher. Ever since I was little I have wanted to teach, I

love kids! And that is how I want people to remember me,

someone who is fun, friendly and a mentor. But that doesn’t mea

you will never see her on the track field again. She has every

intention to come back and defend her title in the 2004 Olympics.

“I’ve trained for the Olympics my whole life, and even though

it has been a lot of fun, it has also been hard work: so there is no

way in hell I am letting my title ship away from me so easily!”

As our time together comes to an end I realize I am staring

to see Monica in a different light. Rather then only knowing her

as a celebrity I an getting to know her dreams, thoughts, and

insights to life. So what’s your motto to live by? “ Take life day

by day that’s all you can do.” And if you really think about it

that’s the best advice you can get.

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