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Presidential Debate Essay, Research Paper

Presidential Debate


Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush are running for the Presidency. The two candidates are in Presidential Debate to allow the voters to get an understanding of where they each stand on certain positions and policies. Bush and Gore have some similarities and differences on certain positions and policies discussed in the Presidential Debates.

Education is an issue discussed in the Presidential Debate. Bush and Gore both agree that there is nothing more precious than educating a child. The two Presidential Candidates support the issue of spending $170 billion over 10 years for children in public schools to achieve high standards. They each want to rebuild outdated buildings, modernize schools, and wiring every classroom to the Internet and training students and teachers to use that technology. Although, Bush and Gore have similar positions, they also differ in some ways. Gore opposes to school vouchers for private religious and home schools. This opposition was the only difference in their positions. Education is their number one priority according to Bush and Gore.

Another important issue discussed is the Economy and Taxes. Bush and Gore have many similarities about the Economy/Taxes. They both have similar ideas about setting aside the entire projected Social Security surplus of $2.39 trillion. Bush and Gore

support the issue of raising the threshold for the phase-out of the child tax credit from $110,000 to $200,000 for married couples, and from $75,000 to $200,000 for single parents. Bush and Gore also agree on making the Research and Development tax credit permanent. The credit is scheduled to expire in 2004. They also agree on providing technology bonds to help undeserved communities develop an information infrastructure.

The Economy and Taxes is an important issue because it involves the people as a whole, but there are some positions where Bush and Gore stand alone. For instance, Gore supports the current child tax credit of $500, but Bush supports doubling the child tax credit to $1,000. Bush pledges to veto any income tax increase. Also, their proposals for the non-Social Security surplus differs. Bush proposes to use the non-Social Security surplus in the following manner: $1.3 trillion tax cut; $475 billion in spending on domestic programs; and $265 billion in reserve. He would eliminate the national debt by 2016. Gore proposes to use the $2.17 non-Social Security surplus in the following manner: $480 billion in targeted tax cuts; $360 billion to shore up the Medicare program; $870 billion in spending on domestic programs; and $300 billion would be left in reserve. His proposal would eliminate the national debt by 2012.

Another policy that Bush and Gore agree mostly on is Health Care. The two Presidential Candidates both support the children’s health insurance program (CHIP).

Bush and Gore agree on allowing low-income parents to buy into CHIP. They each support the issue of using part of the federal budget surplus to offer a voluntary prescription drug benefit for Medicare beneficiaries. Bush and Gore also support the Patients’ Bill of Rights legislation that includes the direct access to specialists; the right to use the nearest emergency room; choice of providers; and a patient’s right to appeal a health plan decision.

Bush and Gore also have some differences about the Health Care policy. Gore proposes a Medicare Trust Fund “lock box” plan that would extend the life of the program until at least 2030 by devoting the interest savings from debt reduction to Medicare solvency. Bush would provide a $2,000 health credit to families ($1,000 for individuals) that do not qualify for Medicaid and other government assistance and are not covered by an employer sponsored plan.

Foreign Policy is another issue discussed that Bush and Gore agree on some positions. They each agree on extending permanent normal trade relations to China and the one-China policy. Bush and Gore support the policy of economic sanctions against Iraq. They urge increased support for opposition forces seeking to oust Hussein. Also, to support air-strikes on any Iraqi site producing weapons of mass destruction. Bush and Gore also agree on extending the North American Free Trade Agreement throughout the


George W. Bush and Al Gore disagree on some positions about Foreign Policy. One disagreement between Bush and Gore on Foreign Policy is the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, which calls for closer ties to Taipei. Bush is for the Act, but Gore opposes it. Another disagreement between the two is the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which Gore supports. Bush supports moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during peace negotiations. Gore opposes this policy.

Social Security is another issue that Al Gore and George W. Bush have some similar positions about. Al Gore and George W. Bush both support the elimination of the Social Security earnings limit, which the president signed into law on April 7, 2000. They also agree on increase in benefits for widows and eliminating the “motherhood penalty”, the resulting reduction in benefits for women who take time off from work to raise children. Lastly, Bush and Gore agree on placing a “lock box” on payroll taxes to prohibit borrowing against the Social Security trust fund. There are also some differences in their positions about Social Security. Bush opposes the increase in the current 12.4 percent payroll tax.

Abortion is an issue that was also discussed in the debate. Bush and Gore only agreed on one position on this policy. They each agreed that they would not require

Supreme Court nominees to pass an anti-abortion “litmus test.” Bush and Gore both disagree with each other. Gore supports abortion rights, but Bush opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save a woman’s life. Bush believes that parental consent and notification should be mandatory. Gore supports the FDA approval of abortion pill Mifeprex. Lastly, Bush supports a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion, but does not believe there is enough public support for it.

This essay revealed information regarding the Presidential Debates between Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush. The two Presidential candidates are in a deadheat for the position. This essay compared and contrasted the positions and proposed policies of the two presidential candidates on specific political policies

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