Реферат: Untitled Essay Research Paper November 6 1996

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

November 6, 1996 Dear Joe, It was nice to hear from you again, I enjoyed hearing about your new business venture and I hope it works out. School is going great and I can’t wait to graduate in two months. The other day I finished reading a book by Michael Crichton called “JURASSIC PARK” you may have heard of the movie. Anyway this book got me thinking about our trip to the tyrel museum and I was very excited that I had some background knowledge on the information and technological terms used in the book. I would recommend this book to you because you share a common interest with me as we both enjoy studying Dinosaurs, if you have seen the movie I would still recommend reading this book as the movie (which I went to last night) does not do the book justice. Many of the scenes from the book that were not included added to the plot and made things’ make allot more sense. Also, some of the parts added effect to the movie. An example of my favorite part of the book that was cut out of the movie was when Gennaro got his guts spilled by a dinosaur and in the movie they just changed scenes. You must excuse me for rambling on about this book but I was just so excited once first reading the book then seeing the movie I felt I should try to share the experience with you. Especially seeing how we were at the tyrel museum with me I figured it may be worth your while to check out this book. Sincerely your friend, Annonymouse

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