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Utopian Society Essay, Research Paper

The utopian society in The Handmaid?s Tale by Margaret Atwood is very different from what most people would consider a utopian society. The power of this society rests upon a small percentage of the population. In this society, men are superior to the women. Women have virtually no rights or say in what goes on in their lives and women with rights are only a few. This society was created by a powerful few who were able to overthrow the government by killing the president and congress. These people then suspended everyone?s constitutional rights and used terror to stop anyone or group from threatening their control. Then they took control over women by stopping their rights to own property Women have little importance in this world except to serve men, have children, or educate new handmaids. Women are divided into different groups with certain women having more power than others. This book was written to show people what it is to be like when you are a citizen o!

f a totalitarian government.

Margaret Atwood created this world to show people a few reasons. She wanted to show how people might act if they had no rights and had everything taken away from them. This is obvious because the story is depicted through the eyes and mind of a handmaid, the person with the fewest amount of rights. The handmaids in the story were the first line of handmaids. Most of them had families, children, belongings, and rights before they were converted to handmaids. The book was also written to show people what their lives might be if a totalitarian government is in power. Unlike other totalitarian governments, religion is supported by the state. People who do not believe in the state endorsed religion are killed. Also, certain scientists and doctors are killed if they practice abortions or use certain medical procedures. Margaret Atwood is trying to show people that this type of government could be the next path in American society if things continue go the same way they are!


I feel that the time before the revolution is not as bad as it was depicted. There are not mutant babies being born, nuclear meltdowns, or men having total control of women. I do not think that this society would be able to be instituted at this present time. In the twentieth century, so many people have struggled to receive fair treatment in America and I do not think that these people would sit around while their rights are being taken away from them. Also other countries probably would have stepped in so that a totalitarian government would not be instituted.

Margaret Atwood had the novel end the way it did for a few reasons. First to show that this government did not succeed, like every other totalitarian government ever in existence. She also wanted to show how other countries responded to this new government. It also left you wondering what had happened to Offred and if she was able to escape out of the country.

The Handmaid?s Tale is a novel trying to show the possibility and what a totalitarian government in America could be like. Only a few powerful people have rights. Women have the fewest amount of rights. Margaret Atwood is telling us that if society as a whole continues the way it is going, we are on a crash course to the type of society she has depicted. Personally, I feel that the society depicted could never happen in America and if it was instituted that the people would revolt and bring back a democratic government.

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