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Anti-Darwinism Essay, Research Paper


As our society continue forward into the new millennium, many concerned parents have become aware of many negative influences that can influence the minds, and behaviors of their children. Many problems, such as racism and sexism, are still existed in this so-called modern world. Violence in the media, for example, is one of the most concerned subjects that are on the mind of most parents. However, through the efforts of concerned parents of limiting access of such materials to children, many methods have designed to comply with their concerns, such as the new rating system for TV shows and the V-chip. Presently, parents are asking for the right to have the veto power over books that may be taught in public high school. It seems like the next right thing to do. Many books such as Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Shining are taught in public high schools contain materials seem to be unsuitable and inappropriate for students in today s ways of life.

The view of many parents is, if students are faced with less negative materials, they ll have a better chance of become better people. Thus, many parents believe that they should have the power to veto the teaching of such books in high school. Most educators are also aware of the problems facing parents. However, instead of banning these books, some educators believe that the way to encounter these problems is to face them directly. These books should be carefully taught and explained to students about their significant of why many materials are viewed as hurtful in our society. They are tools to inform and generate discussions for students to be aware of these problems, and thus prevent them from happening. For that reason, parents, although noticed of their concerns, should not have the veto power over books that may be taught in public high school.

Why are most of people immediately become uncomfortable when read the word nigger? Because of the word, it makes one the best works of Mark Twain so difficult to read, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The problem is that because racism still exists in our society, even though some people still deny it. By making it becomes invisible by banning these books will not make it goes away. It will still be hidden in the corners of our society, passing from generations to generations. People do not become racists by reading the word nigger in books but rather by interacting and sharing their ideas with other people with racism ideas. By putting the word before students, teachers can generate healthy discussions between students and explain to them why it is wrong and unsuitable to use in these days of age. Because teachers are trained and qualified to teach and explain to students about such problems, they have a better chance of guiding students to have a better understanding about the differences in societies of the past and the present. Parents, on the other hand, can have problems in giving a clear understanding to their children, or even not bringing it up, thus can create confusing for their children. Therefore, by having the problems solved it in schools, parents can be assured that their children will have a better knowledge and more aware about the particular subjects.

How can such offended materials be used to teach students to aware and realize that they are wrong? It is true that the word is still hurtful to many people who read it. If so, why was it use in the book so frequently? If the n word was taken out of the book and replaced it with a nicer and less derogatory word, the reader would not experience the reality of the society in the time of the book was set in. Hence, the use of the word is to describe the reality of the past society to the reader, not intentional to degrade a minority group. Also, the author himself is not a racist, evidently as one character, Jim, a black slave, eventually became good friend with Huck Finn. To show students to such word is not to corrupt and infect their minds with wrong ideas, but it is to show students that racism does occurred even though it is wrong, therefore, preparing students to be aware of it. One main object of school is to show students with different ideas, ideas that may or may not be approved by many people. What was happen when the theory of evolution, and also sex education were opposed to teach in school? They were taught anyways. It is still now proving to be the right decision. Teachers, of course, are aware of the materials in these books. Parents should put more trust in them to teach and guide the students to the understanding that there are different ideas in this world and that they should be able to recognize them.

We should realize that racism and sexism are existed in this very society. If students are not educated about them in high school, they will likely to make mistakes when encounter them in life. Teen pregnancy, and STD s are examples of uneducated people about sex. The same should be applied for racism and sexism and many other wrongful ideas. They should be taught in high schools. Books are the best tools to educate students about such ideas. They do not create tensions and hatreds in students. Consequently, they should not be banned but rather be commended to teach. Together with the helps of parents and also teachers, maybe someday students will read these books without any difficulties, because these immoral ideas had finally extinct. They are merely just a part of history.

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