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Prop Essay, Research Paper


Three points about prop 21.


*Prop 21 pushes more children into adult courts where they will be sentenced to adult prisons.

*Prop 21 creates new crimes and vastly expands gang penalties including a new death penalty.

*Prop 21 will cost millions of dollars each year (legislative analyst report) taking funds away from funds that could be used to improve our schools.

Before researching about prop 21 I didn?t care that much if passed or no but now I think is really important to tell people we know who can vote to vote no on prop 21 because it affects youth and the money they are going to use to put teens in jail they could use it to create programs against violence so we wouldn?t have that much violence or to create new schools.

Three issues facing young people today

search yahoo.com/search?p=issues+facing+young+people+today/



*Eating Disorders


I think young people are facing this issues because a lot of time when they feel that no one cares about them or because they think their life has no meaning they start drinking and using drugs without realizing that that?s something bad for them, I also think that Eating Disorders is other of the issues young people are facing today because we always see skinny girls representing the? perfect body? and a lot of girls want to be like them.

Three issues facing youth in other countries internationally.



*Sexually trasmited diseases



I think young people are facing the issues of Sexually transmitted diseases, Abortions and Smoking a lot because in other countries there aren?t that much programs as here that communicate people of the risks of having unprotected sex, abortions and smoking. One of the reasons for which I think crime is one of the issues facing youth is because sometimes people doesn?t have money to eat and they have to robe or kill in order for them to eat.

Three examples of organizations who empower young people.


*Alpha women center

*Hazeland foundation

*National council on Alcohol and Drugs

*Addiction Technology Transfer Center

*Century Council

I think is very good that we have access to all this organizations because they help us to live drugs to not drink anymore and the Alpha women center answers all the question we can have about abortions, eating disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases.

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