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Parents And Children Essay, Research Paper

Almost all parents feel anxious and worry about growing up children.

The role of being a parent is kind of difficult, since it indicates

matureness, sobriety and patience, characteristics that undoubtedly some

parents do not have. However, they are the ones that will basically instruct

and give the ignitions to their children to fulfill their potential. Actually, the

things that they will transfer to their children, is subjective for every

parent; they will chose, those who think are the best for they children.

In my opinion, I believe that parents, firstly, should not be coercive but

allow their children freely to decide what do they want to work on. In

addition, as I remember when I was a child, my father would take me to

the bookstore and let me chose different kinds of books that I found

interesting. This action I believe was effective and efficient, because I

started reading about different topics that I was concerned about, with

appetence and contemporaneously widening my knowledge. On the

contrary, it could been having my father pressuring me to read something

specific that he had chosen for me and I would not like.

Nowadays, there are many mediums that parents can use to motivate

their children. Besides of buying them books they like, we can also open

up channels of communication; leaving the child to talk freely, listening to

it and trying to give information and answers to it s questions. Moreover,

take them to exhibitions and art galleries with the intention to bring them

closer with art. Also, field trips will make them interested in learning new

things about other places. Further, enrollment in sports clubs will not only

practice their body but will also heighten their spirit; this can outcome by

admitting them to work on sports that they like, such as basketball,

football, tennis etc. Another way is by enrolling it into clubs of interests,

such as dancing, painting and drawing. These clubs are very important,

because children learn how to behave into a group, to communicate, and to

corporate, consequently they socialize. Furthermore, interesting and

entertaining would be to take them to theaters and cinemas, to watch films

and plays, and after then have a discussion. Last but not least, another way

is through Internet, the super highway of information; it is an easy and

quick way to access new things. It is a modern resort that many children

would love to have.

Hence, regardless if parents are well educated or not, they will have to

try to help their children and do not neglect them, instead give them the

sparks to accomplish their virtuality.

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