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Michael Jordan Speaks Essay, Research Paper

Michael Jordan Speaks:

Sophomore year, Michael and his friends are all suited up for try-outs and they are excited. They had all grown up watching the team play and knew that they had a reputation of being great. One of their friends, Tim Klements had made the team his freshman year, now he was standing with all of the seniors and giving dirty glances to his old friends. Michael appeared to be poised and ready, but minutes before walking onto the floor he had thrown up. Michael didn?t know what to expect from this new coach. Michael had been coached by the same coach for six years straight and had grown very accustom to his style of play. The varsity style was faster and stronger. The first day of try-outs had seemed rather low key to Michael, but the second day was a killer. Most of the team was either hunched over the water fountain or the trash can. Michael had been running with his father weeks before try-outs and was in the best shape of anyone on the team. In the end, none of this mattered because the coaches? decision was that Michael wasn?t big enough to be able to hold his own. He was cut from the team. According to Michael that was the turning point in his life. He still to this day holds a grudge against that coach, but says ?I owe my career partly to him for the sacrifices he cause me to make.?

This book depicts the events that occurred during Michael?s life in a very interesting way. Sometimes suspenseful, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, but not once throughout the book did I find myself struggling with bordem. The stories in this book tell a true tale of the greatest athlete in history.

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