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A Socialist Meeting Essay, Research Paper

SOCIALIST MEETING HELD A roar of agreement echoes from every member of the crowd, and is meant for the orator standing on the platform before them. Sweat running from the man s face, he has just delivered an inspiring speech on the advantages of socialism. This man has given similar orations for over twenty days consecutively, for hours on end. Waiting for more speakers to come is the audience, which consists mostly of the proliteriat but has a variety of classes in it searching for a fair economy, suitable for all. Posters hung about the room display the speech makers for socialism, campaign mates running for legislative offices, and upcoming political events. Finally, as the man s speech comes to a close, he asks the mob of socialist comrades, who are easily swayed by poverty and unfair labor practices under unrestrained capitalistic regime, if they have any questions of how socialism operates, or again, its many advantages over capitalism. As the man leaves the stage, he enters a small room swarmed with people extending congratulatory remarks and giving him thanks for converting them from their capitalistic ways. Finally the last of the crowd flocks through the door and head to their homes. They see the rest of those at the meeting who must sleep in the alleys and gutters of the city. As a gesture to show the examples of the fairness that socialism could ultimately bring to all, some of the lucky home goers share with their unfortunate comrades a place to rest their weary heads for the night.

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