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Medical Terms Essay, Research Paper

I agree and disagree with genetic engineering. I feel that it is only fair to let somebody who can not get pregnant to able to use invitro-fertilization and to pick what the child would look like. However, to choose whether sperm was from an Olympic athlete or someone with very high intelligence levels is unfair and unethical. If everybody started doing this we would no longer have a diversified, unique world. Everyone would chose to do this in order to keep up with the standards and be able to live at the same level as the rest of the world. The only way I think genetic engineering is okay is to pick things like hair color, eye color and size. This does not change much; it would only make the child feel more comfortable in regards to resembling the rest of the family. People need to be happy with their own children and consider themselves lucky if they can have them on their own. Centering on having the perfect child is not healthy for the parents or the child. I think it is good that the human genetic geno project is being worked on only for disease and deformity problems, however. If people are going to use this to produce the perfect child I think many problems will occur. However, if it is used correctly, it will be very useful in detecting serious diseases and deformities and most importantly, their extent. For these reasons I think it is worth the consequences and risks of what might happen if people start using it for the wrong reasons.

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