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The Childhood Essay, Research Paper

It has been noted that people consider their childhood as a nostalgic period. The childhood is one of the three main stages of life: childhood, adolescence, and adult age. Childhood might be the nostalgic period but is it the happiest? In this paper we shall demonstrate that childhood could be considered as the happiest period. A balanced view, however, cannot ignore the fact that childhood is the first period of life and it might not be happy for everyone.

First, the childhood is said to be a period of real dependence. A child is always in someone?s hands and does not have much freedom at all. Being dependent is not very pleasant. Every child waits for adolescence where they do not have to support their parents any more.

Indeed, the relationship between parents and children during childhood depends a lot on the family?s situation. For example, a ten-children family in a shanty town of Acapulco won?t be the same as a single-children family in Monaco. Childhood can also be a period of frustration. Children keep on receiving information. They learn life. But they don?t give any information. So they could feel some frustration. One way to prevent this is to have a sister or a brother. There could be an exchange of information between the two children.

Moreover, a brother or a sister gives to the child more freedom because of it?s brother?s or sister?s parent attention. But in this case, parents must care about the attention and the love they give to each child. It has to be equal for each child. Despite, each one thinks the other has got more. So it?s a dangerous situation for the parents.

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