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Napoleon Essay, Research Paper


Napoleon restored confidence, imposed order and ensured

the gains of the French revolution. He was known to be a

legendary figure in French history. Napoleon rose though sheer

ambition, drive, and intelligence, to the epitome of

power.(Discover1) He conquered much of Europe, and created an

empire that will forever change the course of European history.

Although this did not happen overnight. Born in Corsica on

August 15, 1769. Napoleon grew up with a family of

radicals.(Discover1) Napoleon was the litter of eight healthy

children. At an early age, Napoleon Bonaparte read many books on

military campaigns, which he found to be amazing.(Discover1)

Napoleon left school on royal scholarship after graduating from

Ecole Militaire in Paris. Soon after he was chosen to be first

captain of the French army. In 1793 was chosen to Artillery

against Toulon. Napoleon was becoming recognized in France.

Ensuring that this military campaigns would be a gain for

the French, Napoleon waged war with Austria, Toulon, England,

and Egypt. Austria, Egypt, and Toulon felt the wrath of Napoleon

as he heads the French army to victory after victory. Napoleon

became a innovator. He never fought 2 battles using the same

methods.(History4) because of this, he won many battles in the

revolution.(History4) Also just his presence on the field of

battle was worth 500,000 men.(History4) French troops was sure

of victory if the ?Little corporal,? was there.(History4)

Bonaparte soon become a French General and admired by most of


Napoleon appeared unstoppable. He reached the rank of

general and led his army through battles with Austria, England,

and Russia. He Defeating the Great Powers of Europe one at a

time. He imposed French dominance from Atlantic to Russia.

Napoleon expanded French lands and power throughout Europe

After 14 battles under Napoleon, France could see a positive

outcome to bloodshed and warfare.(Discover4)

From the revolution France gained rich farm land, helped

economy, and paid and fed soldiers. Most of all they gained

their freedom from England.

Back at home the Directory Government of France was in a

downfall. France needed a new leader to impose order in France.

So graciously Napoleon stepped in as head of the military, and a

executive power in France. Soon enough common

people were more then happy to see a positive change, after ten

years of instability, war, and a economic downfall.

After a brief existence of a triumvante in France,

Napoleon became Napoleon I, emperor of France. It was Napoleon?s

obligation to write the new constitution on France,

and insure confidence in the common people of Europe.(Discover3)

So in front of a Council of Elders, Napoleon revised and

addressed the new French constitution. Which contains the

building blocks of the United States constitution.(Discover3)

From these laws came the Napoleonic laws. A set of laws

that would prove to be useful in imposing order in France. Not

only did these laws become useful in France in the 18th century,

these laws are used all over the world today.(Mar12)

Napoleonic laws strictly said that all censorship should

not be a factor in France. Not only censorship but individual

liberty, which is extremely important, freedom from arbitrary

arrest, divorces, and religious freedom was utilized. Leaving a

society in much better shape then was first in shambles before

the revolution.(History3) Also Napoleon was the first to start a

unemployment bureau. The laws left careers that was open to

everybody. New roads were set up. Replacing the roads that were

in rough, unreachable shape, which lasted a few hundred

years.(Mar14) Also Napoleon had a persecution code. A code in

which the criminal would have the same rights as the defense.

Which successfully left a balanced judicial system. All this

served as a base for all legal systems across the world.

He built a Imperial University, an administrative body, which

determined curricula, and oversaw examinations. Enjoyable on of

his finer qualities was his love for education.(Mar14

Looking back at the battles and bloodshed of Napoleon?s

many campaigns, many would say he was a extremely violent,

heartless killer.(History5) thousands and thousands of French

soldiers died under Napoleon?s command during the revolution. Was

these soldiers willing to die under such a ruthless emperor?

First of all where would the French be economically

without the revolution. Would their be new land or new crops in

which to grow on this land? Would the French government be as

strong as it is today with a Directory Government? Which the

government was falling in power at the time. Without the

bloodshed, their would be no constitution. People would have

limited rights in what they can and can not do, under the rule

of some other foreign country.

Napoleon lead soldiers that believed there was something

better out there then what they had. These thousands of soldiers

died for a cause and who better to lead them then the legendary

Napoleon Bonaparte. So would you call Napoleon a ruthless


The fall of Napoleon Bonaparte begins with one of few

mistakes Napoleon made as an emperor. Napoleon came up with the

Continental System which boycotted all of England?s goods. Which

did not hurt England, because England made rivals with Russia

and Austria to take down Napoleon and his reign. Which England

was successful at doing, leaving Napoleon with only one choice,

he was forced to a remote island in the Atlantic.

Napoleon still fought for France. He came back into power

after picking up firm believers on his way to Paris, known as

the Hundred Days. Although Napoleon once again failed at an

attempt to rule France once again at the battle of Waterloo.

Napoleon was forced to surrender and died of stomach cancer on

May 5, 1821.

If succeeded Napoleon could have been the greatest man in

history.(Discover7) His name became legendary and still lives on

in France.(History5) He was not known to like amusements, and

could not take long vacations. He was dedicated to his work as a

emperor of France.(History5) He Introduced the Napoleonic laws,

a higher education, successful government, and freedom in

France. Through his hard work and dedication, Napoleon succeeded

in restoring confidence, imposing order and ensured the gains of

the French revolution.

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