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Success Essay, Research Paper


The definition of success varies in our minds through life?s experiences. Success,

under my standards, is pure happiness after an accomplishment that was worked

through with an enormous amount of effort. Struggle and achievement falls under that

category as well. In the following. I will give a synopsis on why my I feel this way.

Happiness is sought out of what one may have had accomplished. I feel it is

common knowledge that goals are to receive happiness. Why else would one struggle or

even bother to start their journey to success/achievement if they will end in misery? Of

course one may not always receive what they hope for but that?s also a form of

understanding the little things that helped achieve the happiness yearned for.

Struggles are mainly considered working hard against difficulties. One must

struggle for a livelihood. Success may be accomplished without the necessity of struggle

when one may take or be approached with the simple route throughout things. Struggle

for myself isn?t necessarily as bad as an average person may consider it to be. I being

aware that there are going to be obstacles making it more difficult for me to reach my goal

accept them as they come. I can?t stop them nor intervene with them because getting in

between won?t make situations easier just more difficult. Intolerability will promote more

struggles when one must not be intractable yet intrepid.

Achievements made are goals reached unless wanted. When humanity feels

they?ve reached a goal, I am certain they?ve achieved and acknowledged an

accomplishment. Goals aren?t met because you were encountered by them. It is because

you reached them. Achievements are reached by ones efforts, not hopes.

Happiness, struggles, and achievement aren?t all the words that exactly fit to

describe success, though they explain a lot under my knowledge. Though above all words

and phrases receiving joy from whatever one may have desired is indeed an achievement

under success. Whomever achieves a goal desired is a happy soul.

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