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Big Bang Essay, Research Paper

Before The Big Bang

Every since scientists came up with an idea of how the universe started and was created, through the Big Bang, there has always been discussion and questioning on what the universe was, before it was created. Was there nothing because there was no time and no God, or was there something we haven t discovered yet. Over the past decades, several scientists have theorized on life before the Big Bang, and have come up with these theories: Brane Theory, String Theory, and Inflation theory/Eternal Inflation.

Although these theories tell of how the Big Bang started, it does not really explain the universe before the time before the Big Bang era, and how everything needed to start the Big Bang was placed/formed in that before the universe place.

Many theories are a revision of an old theory, such as the case with the Brane theory and the String Theory. The String Theory and the Brane Theory both do not explain how matter got there to create the Big Bang. The String Theory says that the universe consists of tiny loops of strings that can form matter. According to this theory, the Big Bang may be a transition from a previously shrinking universe that has reached it smallest size and has begun to expand again. This may be true, but it does not tell us how these strings came to place and how the shrinking universe got there. The Brane Theory is a modification, where membranes which can create matter float around in a five dimension megaverse, and if they collide, it could start the Big Bang.

The Inflation theory and the Eternal Inflation are related, in that the Eternal Inflation explains how the Inflation theory would work. The Inflation theory suggests that in the universe there are Inflation bubbles which give rise to universes, and these bubbles are stretched to create universes. It suggests that this can occur several times within the same universe, therefore creating a never ending tree of universes.

So although scientists have come up with several explanations and theories to explain the time before the Big Bang, no one will be able to know what happened before the time before the Big Bang and the real beginning of time, universe, life. Scientists have never been able to prove that these theories are correct, but have continued to theorize on the beginning of time.

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