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Creation Has No Place In Our Schools Essay, Research Paper

Creationism Has No Place In Public Schools

In society there are many diverse issues that raise intense controversy. An ongoing conflict has been on what to tech the children in public schools about human creation. Many religious leaders and churchgoers would like to have the biblical theory of creation taught to the children in place of the scientific theory of evolution. This idea violates the first amendment, would be almost impossible to implement, and will inhibit any further expansion of children?s minds.

The first amendment of the United State?s Constitution prohibits the government from passing legislation to establish an official religion or from preferring one religion to another, and it also enforces the ?separation of church and state.? Any law enforcing a child to learn the creation story of a particular religion would directly violate this amendment. If a child were so inclined to learn about one of the many theories of creation, (s)he could go to a nearby church and learn about it. Americans? tax dollars should not pay for this type of education when it is offered free through a tax-exempt church.

Aside from being against the law, teaching the theory of creation in public schools would also be economically and physically impossible. In order to teach this theory of creation, teachers would have to be trained specifically in this field and would need to be careful not to offend any of the students. In order to satisfy all the students, many different theories would have to be taught, unless all the students happen to be of the same religious background. The United States is a ?melting pot;? people from many religions and ethnic backgrounds make this country their home. Therefore, finding a public school where every student has the same religious beliefs would be next to impossible. Trying to teach all of this subject matter in science class while teaching evolution as well wouldn?t be possible with the amount of time given for each class. Creating new classes would cost the taxpayers? lots of money for something that is otherwise offered free at a church. Besides, a public school?s objective is to teach children to think for themselves and religion teaches just the opposite. Religion solves al unanswered questions with, ?It is this way because God made it this way.? This does not teach children to use their minds, instead it teaches them to take the easy way out.

Even if the theory of creation wasn?t against the law and could easily be places into a public school?s curriculum, would it be a wise choice? Creationists want children to believe that each and every one of them was created from God for a special purpose. They want children to feel special and safe. It seems some creationist don?t disbelieve the theory of evolution because it lacks logic and facts, but rather because it makes them feel insignificant and powerless to think that they are no more important than a dog or monkey. Creationists are afraid of the truth and to conceal this truth, they want to stop the children from discovering it. Over the past thousands of years religion has done nothing but brainwash humans into believing that they are more superior to all other life on earth and that everything was put here for them. Due to this brainwashing, humans have done nothing but take and conquer what they feel is rightfully theirs. This has led to the extinction of thousands of other life forms and has contributed to the destruction of the once sacred and beautiful place called Earth.

The theory of evolution is a constant search for the truth. Many people are afraid of the truth, so they try and cover it up. Creationism is a way of covering up the truth. It violates the first amendment and, by implementing it in the public school system, humans are only further contributing to the demise of this planet. Humans need to accept the fact that they are not better than a monkey, bacteria, or any other life form, only physically different. Until humans realize this, they will continue on their downward spiral of total annihilation of all life.

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