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Pele Essay, Research Paper

Little is known about the origin of soccer. The modern game is very different from it’s accent origins this paper will explore those origins and show how modern day soccer evolved.

The following topics are included in this paper: Ancient history which will explain the location and the early rules of soccer. The paper will explain the life of Pele who is the greatest soccer player. It will explain his early life, his childhood, school years and finally his pro years. Then there will be a comparison between the ancient ways and the way the game is played today including the new rules of the game and the way their uniforms and the penalties have evolved. The last item will explain the requirements for players including physical characteristics.

The origin of soccer is unknown to this day. But it is known that the early varieties that is now know as soccer was played about 3000 years ago. Back in the olden days soccer was played with the Incas to settle disputes between who was going to be sacrificed to the Gods. The Incas sacrificed a person every month to all the Gods. The Inkas used to have a huge stadium that fit over ten thousand people. They used to have thirty two players that start the winner of the game leaves to go home and be with his wife for the rest of there lives. The looser goes back to play against the next contested. The game will continue until one final player is left and then that is the one that will be sacrificed to one God. They repeat this process once every month. The first people to be traced back to playing soccer were the Chinese which kicked a leather ball filled with hari ( Horse Hair ). The ancient rules were that there was only a one-on-one tournament. It was not allowed to have shoes or socks, it had to be played barefoot. There were two different kinds of jersey’s and they wear a white T-shirt and the second player did not wear a shirt. (Fulton, 1996) This rules continued until the greatest player of the world was found.

Pele was the greatest soccer player that has ever lived.

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