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Importance Of Parenthood Essay, Research Paper

The Importance of Parenthood

A child should not be burden to his family, but thought as a gift of life. The most devastating atrocity to man is the maltreatment of an innocent child. The impact of a parental role is what molds the child?s habits and personality. In the first article, ?When loving parents kill their children?, Kate Hilpern writes about the harsh crimes committed die to a parent?s deranged thoughts of how a child should be raised or treated. The second article, ?Where They Kill Baby Girls?, tells the story of a common procedure practiced in India, and all over the world, infanticide. The greatest crimes occur in the relationship between a guardian and their child, and unfortunately many parents are not qualified to care for another life.

Greater observation should be taken in assessing whether an adult should care for a child. Many young adults that bear children ignore the fact that another life is dependent on them for their love and consideration. This ignorance leads to inhumane acts of violence. Many of these types of crimes are listed in the article, ?When loving parents kill their children.? In this article Kate Hilpern writes about children that have been brutally murdered under the liability of their parents. Countless murders similar to these involve a parent that is emotionally unstable. Many infants are killed because either the reality of supporting another human is to rash to handle, or parents feel a sick sort of despair that their child?s life has been corrupted or perverted.

(Hilpern par. 4) Emotionally unbalanced parents may often feel sacrificing their child?s lives could in some way immortalize them and put them beyond harm and hurt. (Hilpern par. 21) This thought is common among child murder cases. A parent may also kill himself after taking the lives of his children. By doing this one might feel they put their children in a safe place where they are not open by the influences of society, and can avoid satanic thinking. Children

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are too precious to be neglected. The role of an active parent is as valuable as it is required.

It is disheartening that families are socially condoned to kill their female offspring. Without remorse, families in India practice infanticide. Children aren?t items to be disregarded when unwanted, and if a family gives birth to a baby girl, they should keep and care for the life they brought into this world. Infanticide is taking the life of another human being; it is merciless and appalling and should be obliterated from any culture. In the Indian culture it is typical for a family to kill their infants until it is the gender of their choice. If a family has many daughters and no sons, society will dub that family barren. (?Kill Baby Girls? par. 6) Not only is it sinful to carry out infanticide, it is collectively insulting any right of a women. A woman is as skilled and capable as any man. It is wrong to kill a female because she is of no value to that culture. Females today have proved that they are fully competent in any field a man is; therefore it is wrong to kill a baby girl because in that culture she does not amount to a man. ?I keep it alive for a month or two, but everyone, including my husband, put pressure on me. So I gave her three sleeping tablets I had kept ready. I may have to kill the next one if it is a girl.? (?Kill Baby Girls? par. 7) This is just one of the many mothers forced to take the life of their own baby. The way the mother talks of the child is inexcusable, she speaks of the child as an item, or a redundant object that unfortunately came out of her body. Infanticide is a common procedure in many cultures. Where infanticide takes place, there is neither love nor appreciation; the new life is based on what one can get out of another human beings existence. A boy is much more valuable and less expensive to care for. When it gets older the boy can support the family and its strength and intelligence could be used to one?s advantage. These are things that are celebrated, when what really should be celebrated are the pleasures of life.

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