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The Rise, Presence, And Fall Of The Inca Essay, Research Paper

The Rise, Presence, and Fall of the Inca

The importance and influence that a civilization creates is not often thought about by people. It can create many differences in the lives in mankind around the world. The textbook definition of a civilization is the state of human society marked by a high level of intellectual, technological, cultural, and social development. This statement does not emphasize the effect that a civilization has on a population. The Incas were a perfect example of a remarkable civilization of an early time. They developed prosperous culture that made new advancements in many fields of human development. They experienced the first landing of Europeans in the Americas. The encounter changed the future of man, and had a great significance. The Incas created standards and advancements that were used by other cultures years later. These new advancements were made possible by the Incas. They were greatly involved with their civilization. The people had a close relationship with thier culture. It was a way of life to most people of the empire. Their civilization made life easier, and also helped other cultures of the time. The contributions had many great positive infuences that helped other cultures evolve into what they are today. People today live a way of life that is accustomed to their culture. Aspects such as religion, government, language, and culture is influenced by the civilization. It sets the way of life for the population within. There are thousands of cultures present in this world which all have many differences. Two different cultures can be totally opposite, yet two can be almost identical. Ancient cultures provide us with a mass of information that we can learn from. We know a great deal of information about the Incas. Eventhough thier empire only existed for a short time, they contributed unbelievable amounts of information. They created systems that ensured a smooth function of thier society. From their military to thier architecture, the Incas were an astounding civilization. The Inca Empire consisted of an enormous amount of land. It spreadout over the Andes Mountains of South America. The terrain of the empire has a beatiful geographical makeup. The capitol of the empire was called Cuzco. The Empire was mainly agricultury based, and mostly dependent among the working people. The first ruler of the dynasty was called Manco Capac. There are supposedly ten other rulers that succeded him. The ruler of the state was referred to as the Sapa Inca or the Jintip Cori. Usually the ruler was just called Inca. The Incas required thier land by two tactics. One was military conquest in which the soldiers of the empire took control over neighboring people. The army was supported by the state, and had thousands of members. The native language was Tawantinsuyu. The English translation is the land of the four quarters. The empire was divided into four parts. The capitol was located near the center of the parts. There was a good line of commnication between the parts. The could come together in time of need in a short time. The Incas were well known for thier arts and architecture. They were especially noted for thier work with finely worked stones that were contructed to form a obect with fine precision. The stones were so perfect that not even a knife could fit between two stones. The Incas were one of the most religious cultures in history. Nearly every aspect of thier culture was related to religion. Thier mail god was the Sun God. They had other gods but the Sun God was the most important. The Invas were involved with ceremonies and practices that they used as worship. They also used sacrifice to please the gods. The empire flourished for a short time of less than a hundred years. As soon as francisco Pizzaro set foot on the new land, the outcome of the great Incan civilization was changed forever. The Incas were drivin out of Cuzco, and were desperate to gain control. The probelm was the Spanish army could hold off a huga attack because they were armed with modern weapons of the time. The empire couldn’ve have lived on, but they destoyed it. They had a significant impact of surrounding cultures and the people of them. The Inca civilization was suck an informative culture. The Incas had suck a great civilization of the time.

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