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Hinduism And Christianity Essay, Research Paper

Christianity and Buddhism are different religions, yet

compare and contrast greatly. Though founded at different

periods of time, Christianity and Buddhism have shaped

cultures and have had a great influence on people all

around the world with origins, customs and beliefs.

Siddhartha Gautama was born about 563 B.C. He left his

wealthy lifestyle when he was about 29 to seek wisdom.

For years, he found not wisdom but only pain. After

meditating for several days under a tree, enlightenment

finally came to him. He would now be known as the

Buddha or “enlightened one.” Buddha and Jesus, the

founder of Christianity, are alike and different in many

ways. Jesus of Nazareth was born about A. D 6. He

claimed to be the son of God, but was disliked by those

who practiced other religions. When he was about 33

years old, Jesus was tried and prosecuted for heresy. He

was then sentenced to be crucified. After his death, Paul

continued to spread Christianity throughout the world.

More than a thousand years later, it became one of the

most widely known practices in the world, just as

Buddhism has. Christians and Buddhists have their own

customs and beliefs. Followers of Christianity are to love

thy Lord first and love thy neighbor as thyself. Jesus gained

large crowds and followers by performing miracles. Since

Christians are only to worship the Lord, they are

monotheist. Buddhism, however is quite different. Buddha

taught his followers the Four Noble Truths, the main ideas

of seeking enlightenment. In addition to seeking

enlightenment, people could reach nirvana, or a “release

from pain and suffering”. Buddha taught all his followers to

treat all other living things with love and respect.

Throughout both their lives, Jesus and Buddha spread the

teachings they taught, Christianity and Buddhism. After the

resurrection of Jesus after his death in A. D 33, the

disciples began to spread the word about Jesus. Paul, one

of the disciples of Jesus, spent the rest of his life preaching

and spreading Christianity to Jews and non-Jews alike. Just

like Jesus, Buddha spread his teachings throughout his life.

Buddhism was appealing to many people born into the

lower classes of Hinduism. It was also especially appealing

to women, because they served as a much lower class.

Buddhism does not require complex rituals like Hinduism.

Just like when these religions were first introduced into the

world, they have had a major influence on our culture.

Today, many people follow Christianity and Buddhism

because of the beliefs and customs. These religions grow

with population and are growing stronger all the time.

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