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Christianity Hinduism Islam Essay, Research Paper

Christianity Hinduism Islam Buddhism Judaism

1.God is the devine heavenly father who is loving,caring,and forgiving 1.Pantheistic:The Absolute Spirit Brahman-all individual accepts of being belong to the same divine substance. 1.Allah is the God for Islamic religions who is powerful, merciful, and beneficient ruler of the Islamic faith. 1.Two Sects: Hinayana-emphasizes personal pursuit of Nirvana (paradise). They did not see a Supreme Being.Mahayana-sees divinity come to earth (Budha) 1.God which is the parallel to the Christian religion but Jesus is not celebrated.

2.New Testament-27 books of scriptures written by the Apositles.Apocrypha-hidden books of parables,proverbs and writtings on social and cultural behavior. 2.Vedas=Sacred Knowledge-A collection of prayers, sacrifical hymns. Teachers worship through meditation and prayer. 2.Quran/Book of Prohecy- The Quran deals with social justice. 2.Dhammapada-path of virtue.Pitakas-also known as Baskets of the Law + contains three books within it. 2.Book of Moses-Jews saw rhemselvesz as God?s chosen people. They empazied the importance of a special relationship between God and his chosen people.

3.Jesus-God?s only son who taught the people about rigthousness and salvation. 3.Hinduism is the pantheistic therefore there are many different leaders. Hindu pantheon Brahma, Vishnu (Sun), Shiva (Fertility + Regeneration) 3.Muhammed-He preached the revealed word of God to Muslims and the 5 Pillars of faith. 3.Siddhanta Gautama is the founder of Buddhism. He preached a message of humility and compassion and the cause of human suffering was denied. 3.God-unlike Christians they did not believe in Jesus Christ.

4.One can go to heaven and receive eternal life. 4.The Hindus believe that Brahma takes on many forms so they may not worship other figures of different religions. 4.5 Pillars of Faith1.Ramadon, 2.Holy Pilgramage to Mecca, 3.Declaration that there is no other God but Allah 4. Charity to the poor, 5.prayer 4.Irvana reached by avoiding all extremes in accordance with the Eightfold Path-the way you run your life so that you are one with nature. 4.Jews believe that if you live right, serve God, and obey his word you will have eternal life.

5.Communion-the celebration of the death of Jesus Christ.Cross-a symbolic rememberance that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins.Baptism-symbolic ritual for one to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. 5.The pantheistic nature of hinduism can be seen in many shapes + forms such as animals, people and nature. 5.Sacred Black Stone that is located in the Holy City of Mecca.-Kaaba-Roofless sanctuary in Mecca. -Star and the Crescent which is located on the flag of many Islamic Fllowers. 5.Fig or Bo Tree-place where Budha thought of his teachings.Footprints-the elephant is an animal incarnation of Budha.Wheel-signifies the sun and the wheel of law. 5.Menorah-which was a seven candelabrum, a sacramental object.Torah-the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible which was the instruction.

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