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Medieval Times Essay, Research Paper

Medieval Times

My research topic is on the different periods of the Medieval Times, and summing up the main events that happened in each period. These periods, in order, are the Early Middle Ages (A.D. 500-1000), the High Middle Ages (A.D. 1000-1300), and the Later Middle Ages (A.D. 1300-1500). These time periods are called the Middle Ages because not much occured in the world in those times. Thes ages were between civilization periods: Roman and modern civilization.

The Early Middle ages truly began around 500 A.D., after Roman civilization fell to the Christians and Germanic Barbarians. Some say it began aroung 900, but it does not matter, both are generally correct. Civilization then halted in that time. No empires, education, or expansion occured. Some called it the “Dark Ages”, but that is unofficial. Christianity spread as the barbarians roamed the unorganized land with no rulers, and no law and order. Around 800 A.D., a new king, Charlemagne, became the new leader of the Franks. He developed and empire, but it fell around 900, and broke into small subsidiaries. Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars were to blame. This bleak period lasted until the High Middle Ages.

The High Middle Ages began in the 10th century. Europe began to revive, and formed countries, with new order called Feudalism. That meant that one person, the king, ruled a Kingdom and no one else. The Kings successfully ruled their territories and stopped running from the barbarians. They began to go on the offensive, killing tens of thousands of them, driving them from the land and into extinction. The Kingdoms were then safe. New learning also occured as Greek Philosophy was slightly reborn among certain intellects. Crusadors went on missions to spread Christianity, and the Crusades (Or holy wars) erupted. Nevertheless, Christianity overcame the odds. This revitalizing period lasted until the 14th century.

The Later Middle Ages were the final period of the Middle Ages. They lasted from the 14th to part of the 16th century. As Europe came to order with Kingdoms, Empires, and countries, a great famine called the Bubonic plague swept over Europe and wiped out 1/4 of its entire population. It was also referred to as “The Black Death.” Another horrible waste of human life was the Hundred Years’ War, but good did still come from all of this. Many peasants gained more land and richer lives due to their relatives dying, and inheriting their assets. In this age, art made a rebirth also. Italy and Northern countries produced beautiful sculptures, and Gothic paintings. Palaces replaced castles as the need for castles declined. Students also began attending universities, and this learning eventually led to the Renaissance. It was a great period of knowledge’s rebirth.

The Middle Ages were a tumultuous time of horror, war, little or no education, and little progress. But, the human race pulled out of this slum gradually, finding the Renaissance which still continues today. But we must not forget this period, because whether we like it or not, it’s history.

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