Реферат: Raisin In The SunWalter Younger Essay Research

Raisin In The Sun-Walter Younger Essay, Research Paper

From day one Walter had one thing on his mind and one thing only; himself.

But things started to change once many variables started coming into effect.

Walter starts to change and chagnes for the good of the family.

Walter is an ambitious man. He has always wanted to be a rich man, but his

dreams have been shot down by his family. No one believes in him. Only he does.

This is wny he is the way

he is. He is selfish. Always me me me. He lost all the money his family

and his mother had intrusted him with. He was always thinking about himself

and he lost all his money by giving it to a man who he trusted. But the man

ran off with the money.

But Walter finally changes. Luckily his mother and saved enough money

for a house. But they were going to live in a white neighborhood and the

whites did not like that. They offered him a great deal of money not to

move there. But Walter, who finally thought about his family’s happiness

turned down the money and finally became a man.

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