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Virginia Woolf Essay, Research Paper

My Thought on Virginia Woolf

There are many authors who have the ability to be one of the greatest writers of all time, but to my knowledge of books I believe the majority I read are excellent. Virginia Woolf to many, is a prominent writer. I wish I could say the same as well. I can not judge her writing for I have just began to study such remarkable essayists. I can state this, her ability to capture ones mind is unprecedented. She does it so well, it is almost natural.

It is clear in all her writings she has the readers attention in full, while she explains facts in great detail. Even though she had a traumatic childhood, having manic-depressive illness, she is a brilliant writer. In her essay, Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid, she says, “We are both prisoners tonight he boxed up in his machine with a gun handy; we lying in the dark with a gas-mask handy. If we were free we should be out in the open, dancing, at the play, or sitting at the window talking together.” She was told they were free, but they were still locked in their houses occupied with fear, every hour the thought of death progressing in their head. This is an example of great imagery she uses in explaining an event.

In the same essay she has many more examples of imagery, more than can be expressed. I am beginning to believe she is as remarkable as people say. The more and more I read her writing, the more I began to believe this. She grabs my attention faster and more intensely than any other essayist.

Many people believe her writing style is hard to comprehend, which I can understand why. This allows her examples of imagery to go far beyond other great essayists. Her vocabulary is exceedingly more advanced and at a higher pace than of my own. It gives me the opportunity to learn such vocabulary and to use in oral communication.

This paper has given me the chance to learn more about Virginia Woolf, more or less about herself, but of her writing style. When I read her essays or books, I will give her more respect now than I had of her before. I am beginning to believe and say that she is the best writer, but there are still more great essayists out there to learn about. So, until I learn about them, I have come to the conclusion she is one of the finest writers of all time.

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