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Israel Essay, Research Paper

IsraelI did my report on Israel. Israel is a amazing country. It has been through, and is still going through, a lot. Israel is located on the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The land is 45% arid zones. Here it is very hot. 25% is plains, and valleys. 16% of the land is mountains, 9% is Rift Valley, and 5% is the Coastal Strip. The total population (1994) is 5,472,000. 81.2% of these people are Jewish,14.3% are Muslims, and 2.8% are Christians. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. It is a very holy city. There are three major religions that live there, Judisam, Islam, and Christianity. There is a lot of conflict between the three religions. This has been going on for many years, and still is. Mostly every week, you hear of shootings, bombings, and terrorism in Israel. On September 25, Netanyahu (who is the president of Israel) had another opening to a very old tunnel made, so it would be easier for tourists to enter, and exit the tunnel. This upset some Palestinians. They started throwing rocks at Israeli police. The violence grew, and gunfire erupted on both sides. -Junior Scholastic November 1, 1996On November 10, Israeli soldiers shot, and killed a Palestine protester, and wounded 11 others. The violence was about the expansion of a Jewish settlement called Qiryat Sefer.

There were about 200 Palestinians rioting against the expansion. The soldiers tried to stop the protesters without violence. First they told the mob to go home, then they sprayed the crowd with tear gas, they fired guns in the air, to scare them, then they shot rubber shells at them. Still they wouldn+t move, so they opened fire. -The New York TimesNovember 11, 1996 This is just minor compared to all the other stuff that has been going on over there. There have been bombings where many innocent people have been killed, because of what they think about god, and politics. Tourism is a big business in Israel. In 1994, about 2,000,000 people visited Israel. They are attracted by the many religious sites there. There are 7 universities in Israel, with 96,600 students in them. 33% of these students major in Humanities, 29% in Social Sciences, 12% in Physics, Math, and Computers, 10% in Engineering and Architecture, 6% in Medicine and related fields, 5% in Law, 4% in Biological Sciences, and 1% in Agriculture. by LunTaula@aol.com

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