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A Work Of Art Essay, Research Paper

A Work of ArtThough seemingly written in gibberish, Stein s reflection of Picasso is truly a work of art. She recognized his abstract art and attempted to apply it to literature. It seems very appropriate for her to mimic one of her best friends and honor him in such a way. Stein s thoughts on Picasso and the biography that she completed on him were ingenious, but they failed to mimic the work in two aspects; there was however one way in which her reflection remained germane to his artwork. Stein s structure and details relating to Picasso s art are completely bogus. She used the same sentence several times and only changed it around without adding a new detail. She made the sentence into the puzzle, but the sentence remained the same no matter how she swapped the content. One whom some were certainly following was one who was charming. One whom some were following was one who was completely charming (Stein 1090). Picasso s artwork can be interpreted in many different ways and the mood can change; in this biography, the mood is stationary and it can only be interpreted as though Picasso was a charming man who people followed because they idolized his work habits. Another way Stein misinterprets Picasso s style is when she only added a couple of words into every sentence and kept the same details. Anyone who has seen Picasso s paintings knows that there are many different details and feelings associated with his work. There are things in the background that enhance the solemnity or joviality of the painting. This one was working. This one always had been working (Stein 1091). Stein never elaborates on the idea that Picasso is a worker. She just says that he works and always has worked many times throughout her reflection of him. One way in which Stein did relate to the work of Picasso was her basic approach to the biography. She took all of her feelings and jumbled them together while making little sense to the outside world. This leaves the reader to cogitate her true feelings and emotion for her friend. Just like in Picasso s works, she seems to contradict herself, but only she knows the true purpose of her literature. This one was certainly working and working was something this one was certain this one would be doing and this one was doing that thing, this one was working. This one was not one completely working. This one was not ever completely working (Stein 1091). Stein s approach to attempt to make abstract literature seems to be a lost cause, but she did in fact get the point across because many people read this and wonder why she wrote it; this is just how individuals view the work of Picasso.

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