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Peer Presure Essay, Research Paper

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure can be described as a positive or negative reaction that occurs when one is influenced by certain people. Peer pressure is constantly surrounding us. One can first be introduced to peer pressure at a very young age and young people can be influenced easier then mature adults. I believe family members, friends, and religious institutions have the strongest influence of peer pressure on society.

Family members are the most important source of peer pressure. I believe family is the most influncial source for several reasons. For one, peer pressure is encountered first at home. The mother and father take the biggest part because they need to teach their children right from wrong. Children and young adults have many temptations that they?re faced with. Without their mother and father?s support and proper guidance children can be influenced to do wrong. For example, as a child my parents would always warn me about a kid I hung out with who lived in my neighborhood. They warned me a million times about him. But one day, my parents warnings were valid The kid was arrested for grand theft auto and sentenced to 6 months in a juvenile detention center. So, the peer pressure we recieve from our parents can be very important as we?re growing up.

Friends are another source of peer pressure one encounters growing up. I believe from past experiences, friends have the strongest influence on us. The effects from our friends can sometimes be really good or really bad. Choosing the friends you hang out with can sometimes be difficult. As a young adult, I can compare life to a science project; always experimenting and finding out different results. For example, having to choose to hang out with the rebellious or model citizen variety. As a young adult, friends have a strong influnce because of the peer pressure that is involved. Even though we know what is right from wrong we still have the tendency to do the wrong thing. Even though there are a lot of negative effects from friends influences, there are just as many positive effects too. I believe the right friends can push one to doing the right things.

Religious institutions are another great source of peer pressure.The people that attend church usually have good morals. The young adults that participate in religious institutions, form the most, come from familes which aren?t into drugs, alcohol, violence, or any sort of crime. So the effect these religious institutions have are great on young people in society. Religious adolescents can encourage one another to be successful in school, sports, and other activities. In my own past experiences when growing up, the people I have choose as friends met weren?t always the coolest, or craziest, but they were always good for their word and trust worthy. These type of friends are valuable for positive peer pressure and are important to keep.

In conclusion, peer pressure is always surrounding us. From the time were young, till early adulthood and beyond. Our family members, friends, and religious institutions are the main sources in which peer pressure comes from. With the proper guidance and right choice of friends, one will not have any trouble with life?s difficult decisions, and will hopefully, do the right thing.


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