Лекция: Operating system reinstallation

Reinstalling the operating system is another approach to virus removal. It involves either reformatting the computer's hard drive and installing the OS and all programs from original media, or restoring the entire partition with a clean backup image. User data can be restored by booting from a live CD, or putting the hard drive into another computer and booting from its operating system, using great care not to infect the second computer by executing any infected programs on the original drive; and once the system has been restored precautions must be taken to avoid reinfection from a restored executable file.

These methods are simple to do, may be faster than disinfecting a computer, and are guaranteed to remove any malware. If the operating system and programs must be reinstalled from scratch, the time and effort to reinstall, reconfigure, and restore user preferences must be taken into account.

E.x. 3.3.8. Выпишите из текста лексику профессиональной направленности. Переведите слова на русский язык.


E.x. 3.3.9. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту на английском языке.

1. What is a computer virus?

2. When did computer virus appear?

3. What two types of viruses can be found?

4. What are the infection strategies of viruses?

5. What are vulnerability and countermeasures?


E.x. 3.3.10. Выделите основные исторические этапы развития компьютерных вирусов на английском языке.

E.x. 3.3.11. Представьте классификацию вирусов. Охарактеризуйте каждую группу на английском языке.

E.x. 3.3.12. Охарактеризуйте слабые места вирусов на английском языке.



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