Лекция: Jobs in IT

Ex. 1.Read the list of IT jobs. Which one is in demand nowadays? Which one is the most popular? Could you enlarge the list?

IT support technician, software developer, database administrator, network administrator, helpdesk officer, technical analyst, security officer, website developer, network architect, data storage consultant, network engineer, IT trainer, systems analyst, test engineer, infrastructure engineer, computer hardware engineer, computer system maintenance engineer, SPSS analyst, Java Software engineer.

Ex. 2.Fill in the blanks with the names of the IT specialities:

software engineer, hardware engineer, help desk technician, computer security specialist, blog administrator, DTP operator, webmaster, network administrator.

1. A … designs and develops IT devices. 2. A …writes computer programs. 3. A …edits and deletes posts made by contributors to a blog. 4. A …uses page layout software to prepare electronic files for publication. 5. A …manages the hardware and software that comprise a network. 6. A …designs and maintains websites. 7. A …works with companies to build secure computer systems. 8. A …helps end-users with their computer problems in person, by email or over the phone.

Ex. 3.Read this team introduction. Complete the descriptions 1-4 with the IT jobs in the box.

Hi! I'm Sylvia. I create usernames and passwords and I set firewalls. This is Isabelle. Her job is to plan and design the network. And this is Andrew. His job is to make sure all of the computers work properly. Finally, Mark and Latika. Their area is data processing. We all work for the university. Our offices are in building 8.

database analyst network administrator
IT support officer network architect

1. Sylvia is a …. 2. Isabelle is a …. 3. Andrew is an …. 4. Mark and Latika are…

Ex. 4.(Listening 1) Listen to three people talking about their jobs. Complete these job descriptions.

1. Karl

Job: software … .

Responsibilities: he designs and computer games.

2. Heba

Job: analyst … .

Responsibilities: he … computer problems.

3. Wojtek

Job: database … .

Responsibilities: he analyses and … electronic data.

Ex. 5.(Listening 2) Listen to four people on a training course introducing themselves and talking about their jobs. Which job does each person do?

Speaker 1…. Speaker 3… .

Speaker 2…. Speaker 4 ........

Ex. 6.In pairs, read the two job advertisements and name the most important qualities and abilities (1-10) for each job. Add more to the list if you can. Which three things do you think are most important for each job?

1. SENIOR PROGRAMMER required by DIGITUMUK, a leading supplier of business systems to the insurance industry. You will be able to work on the full range of software development activities – analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and implementation. At least two years’ experience of COBOL or C++ is necessary. As we are active in Europe, fluency in French. Italian or another European language is desirable. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn new skills and develop your career.



LONDON SW14 3DE. You can visit our website at www.digitum-uk.com

2. DTP operator required for a Leading financial magazine.

We are looking for a bright, competent QuarkXPress operator with at least three years’ experience in design and layout. Skills in Photoshop, Freehand or Illustrator an advantage. Ability to work in a team and to tight deadlines is vital. Please apply in writing, with CV and samples of your work, to Tom Parker, Production Manager, Financial Monthly, Stockton Street, London EClA 4WW. Or apply online.

  Senior programmer DTP operator
1 logical reasoning    
2 patience and tenacity    
3 being good with figures    
4 imagination    
5 self-discipline    
6 accuracy    
7 leadership skills    
8 efficiency    
9 creativity    
10 drawing skills    

Ex. 7.Look at the on-line profile for Charles Graham. Which of the jobs above is most appropriate for him?

Charles Graham 22 years old. Professional summary. I graduated in 2004 with A levels in English, Art and Maths, and went on to do a course in graphic design and page layout at Highland Art School. Since 2006 I've been a graphic designer for PromoPrint, a company specializing in publishing catalogues and promotional material, and have used Adobe InDesign and other DTP software.

Ex. 8.A letter of application. Read the letter of application and answer these questions.

1. Which job is Sarah Brown applying for? 2. Where did she see the advertisement? 3. How long has she been working as a software engineer? 4. What type of programs has she written? 5. When did she spend three months in Spain?

Dear Mr Scott,

I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Programmer, which was advertised on 28th March in The Times. I graduated in May 2002 and did a work placement with British Gas as part of my degree. Before taking my present job, I worked for a year with NCR. I stayed in this job (I) … March, 2004. (2) … the last three years I have been working as a software engineer for Intelligent Software. I have designed four programs in COBOL for commercial use, and (3) … January I have been writing programs in C for use in large retail chains. These have been very successful and we have won several new contracts in the UK and Europe on the strength of my team's success. Two years (4) … I spent three months in Spain testing our programs and also made several visits to Italy, so I have a basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian. I now feel ready for more responsibility and more challenging work, and would welcome the opportunity to learn about a new industry. I enclose my curriculum vitae. I will be available for an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Sarah Brown.

Ex. 9.Look at the HELP box and then complete the letter with for, since, ago or until.


• We use FOR to refer to a period of time. I’ve lived in Liverpool for five years.

• We use SINCE to refer to a point in time. I’ve been unemployed since May 2005.

• We use AGO with the past simple to say when something happened. We put AGO after the time period. I got married five years ago.

• We use UNTIL to mean up to a certain time. I stayed at high school until I was 18.

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