Лекция: Интернациональная лексика.

Упражнение 3

Дайте эквиваленты следующим интернациональным словам.

Agent, argument, sphere, memorandum, object, partner, terror, veto, conference, convention, organ, sort, status, state, individual, private, group, element, presidium, Congress, address, visit, visa, project, Parliament, recruit, stimulus, decade, doctrine, base, culture, debate, nature, perspective, race, declaration, structure, consul, document, respondent, contract.


Упражнение 4

Переведите словосочетания с интернациональными словами, не пользуясь словарем.

Tour agent, logical argument, long- term valid contract, legal document, final –year journalism student, black- and-white documentary film, legal status, thesis statement, computer based programme, government- made laws, penal system, hallucinatory drugs, eight- man jury, prison terms, business press, Presidential Press Secretary, state Вar President, Bar Committee, Criminal court, a few government officials, oral arguments, military action, political problems, home policy, criminal police, practical politics, local politics, authority, civil servant.


Упражнение 5

Переведите словосочетания.

1. A white -snow five deck ship, a long term agreement, a red brick university, a newly born child, a shuttle bus, a warm water port, a wall stone, a benefit system, a return first-class ticket, a well equipped modern advertising agency, old- fashioned gas stove, over-made -up main structure, short-cropped jet black hair, aggressive body language, half-full glass, first-floor flat, a unisex barbershop, blue and narrow-eyed man.

2. Sentence of nine months imprisonment, a jail sentence, penal system, Scotland Yard Drugs Squad, forensic lab people, yellow crime scene tape, law enforcement agencies, first Deputy Department Chief, USA administration’s 7000 million dollar 2012 foreign aid budget, a drug possession charge.

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