Лекция: Вставьте пропущенные слова в предложения.

1. Firmly established

2. Judge- made

3. Binding

4. Legislation and judicial precedent

5. Overrule

6. Ignorance

7. Case law

8. Breaking the law

9. Passed a law

10. Decisions

  1. In English law the law comes from two main sources, ______ (Acts of Parliament) and _________ (the decisions of judges), and from subsidiary sources such as custom and books of authority.
  2. If a person is accused of _____, it is essential that all interested parties know the source of the law.
  3. Parliament _____ in l968 (the Theft Act) which makes it a crime for a person to «dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.”
  4. There is a maxim in law „that _____of the law is no excuse,“ which means that everyone is presumed to know the law.
  5. Judicial precedent, or _____ as it is often called, is the source of a large part of common law and equity.
  6. The law is ______ in that when a judge makes a decision in a court case on a particular aspect of law, other judges may be bound to follow this decision in subsequent cases.
  7. . Once the law has been established, the example or the precedent is _____on other judges, who must make a similar decision in cases concerning this aspect of law.
  8. The doctrine of judicial precedent became _____ by the late nineteenth century, although a system of precedent existed for hundreds of years before that.
  9. The court is bound by _____ from the House of Lords and, although it has been suggested in court that the position should be otherwise, the court is bound by its own previous decisions.
  10. When there are two previous conflicting decisions, the court may choose which decision is correct and _____the other decision.
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