Лекция: Упражнение 464

Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на сложное подлежащее.

1. Many books are known to be published in our country every year. 2. You are supposed to graduate in four years. 3. Radium is said to be very radio active. 4. This device was known to have been designed in that laboratory. 5. His invention is considered to be of great importance. 6. The sun is known to represent a mass of compressed gases. 7. The new rocket is re­ported to go into operation next year. 8. This type of rocket is supposed to have many advantages. 9. For a long time the atom was thought to be indivisible. 10. The helium atom was found to have two electrons. 11. I did not know what I was expected to say to that, so I said nothing. 12. He was said to be one of the most promising nuclear physicists. 13. He is said to be a good translator. 14. Roberta was known to be an honest and hard-working girl. 15. Clyde was expected to arrive at the weekend. 16. Becky and Tom were supposed to have stayed at the widow Douglas’. 17. The number of the unemployed is reported to be increasing with every year. 18. Many new textbooks are expected to be published soon. 19. The Moscow Underground is said to be the finest in the world. 20. A hare is known to run very fast. 21. The man was seen to take off his coat. 22. The diamond con­tent of the mines in Western Yakutia is said to be in no way inferior to that of the world-famous South African mines. 23. My close friend is known to have learned “Eugene Onegin” by heart. 24. These devices are considered to be very effective. 25. The crisis was announced to be over but they should prepare for the worst.


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