Лекция: Упражнение 438

Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употреб­ляя сложное дополнение с причастием.

E.g.Не was reading in the garden. She saw him..

She saw him readingin the garden.


1. We noticed a man. The man was cleaning his shoes. 2. He saw two girls. They were dancing on the stage. 3. She watched the children. They were running and playing in the garden. 4. I saw her. She was arranging her hair. 5. We saw our neighbour. Неwas listening to the latest news on the radio. 6. The cat was rubbing against my legs. I felt it. 7. They were fishing. We saw it. 8. The pupils were writing a paper. The teacher watched them. 9. A caterpillar was crawling on my arm. I felt it. 10. We heard our talented performer last night. She was singing a Russian folk song. 11. I watched the sun. It was rising. 12. I heard him. He was singing an English song. 13. John, heard his sister. She was talking loudly on the veranda. 14. We saw Ben. He was crossing the square. 15. They heard their father. He was playing the piano in the drawing room. 16. I can see the train. It is coming. 17. I watched the rain. It was beating down the flowers in the garden. 18.1 saw a group of boys. They were eating ice cream. 19. We noticed a group of people. They were digging pota­toes in the field. 20. Didn’t you see her? She was smiling at you. 21. The girl was singing. I heard her. 22. They were talking about computers. He heard them. 23. You and your friend were walking along the street yesterday. I saw you. 24. The little girls were playing on the grass. We watched them. 25. The ship was leaving the port. He stood and looked at it. 26. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Mother watched her.


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