Лекция: The book in time you may need some help.

A) Translating B) To be translated

C) To translate D) Translate

12. I’d like … an appointment.

A) make B) to make

C) making D) to be made

13. The experimental results are not easy ….

A) interpret B) interpreted

C) to be interpreting D) to interpret

14. I prevented them from … the same mistake.

A) make B) being made

C) having made D) making

15. The writer is reported … his new book.

A) published B) to have published

C) publishing D) to be published

Correct the mistakes (one mistake in each sentence).

16. You should to find another solution.

17. I don't want going outtonight. I'm too tired.

18. What makes you to think so?

19. I saw him to lock the door.

20. He is likely coming tonight.

Variant 2

Choose the correct English equivalent:

Говорят, что он пишет новую книгу.

A) He is said writing a new book.

B) He is said to be written a new book.

C) He is said to have written a new book.

D) He is said to write a new book.

Он хочет, чтобы работа была сделана немедленно.

A) He wants the work to do at once.

B) He wants the work to be done at once.

C) He wants the work doing at once.

D) He wants the work to have done at once.

Мы пошли в наш музей, чтобы посмотреть картины.

A) We went to our museum to look at the pictures.

B) We went to our museum looking at the pictures.

C) We went to our museum so that looking at the pictures.

D) We went to our museum to have looked at the pictures.

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