Лекция: In a Department Store

Pretty girl: I want to buy a coat.

Assistant: Coats are upstairs on the next floor.

Fat man: Where can I get a hot meal?

Assistant: The restaurant is on the tenth floor.

Little girl: I want to buy some bottles of fruit juice.

Assistant: They are on the next counter on your left, dear.

Tall lady: I want some tins of tomato paste.

Assistant: Try the supermarket in the basement.

Gentleman: Could you tell me where the travel agency is?

Assistant: It’s right next to the restaurant on the tenth floor.

Student: I want to buy a football.

Assistant: Take the lift to the sports department. It’s on the top floor.

Little boy: Could you tell me where the telephone is?

Assistant: It’s on the twelfth floor opposite the photographer’s.

Twins: Could you tell us the time please?

Assistant: Yes. It’s exactly twenty-two minutes to ten.


1. – Hallo. Kitty here. Could I speak to Peter, please?

– Sorry, but he’s out.

2. – Hallo. Patrick Cowel speaking. Could I talk to Stella, please?

I’m afraid she’s not here. Can you call later?

3. – You will stay a bit longer, won’t you?

– Sorry, I can’t. I promised my baby-sitter to be back at ten at the latest.

4.What do you think of the place?

– Oh, it’s a delightful spot!

5. – I think I’ve lost the passports, Daddy.

How stupid of you, Peter. Didn’t you put them in your pocket?

6.Would you like some cream in your coffee, Mrs. Clark?

– No, thank you. But I’d like a little milk.

7. – I must apologize for all the trouble we’ve caused.

– Oh, it’s no trouble at all.

8. – Where did I put my screwdriver? I want to tighten up these loose screws (ослабленные болты) on the door hinges (дверные петли).

– You had it in your hand when you went into the kitchen right now.

9. – How have your two sons been doing at school lately, Andy?

– I don’t know what I should do: Richard never starts working, and Greg never stops slaving («пахать») at his books.

10.Have you heard that young Patrick Ellis has been fired?

– How awful! He’s forgotten a golden rule: ‘Never blackmail or bribe managers’.

11.Would you mind putting out your cigarette?

I beg your pardon?

– This is a ‘no smoking’ compartment!

– Is it? I didn’t see the sign. I’m terribly sorry.



I: Are you OK?

J: Yes, I’m all right, but what about my car?

I: There’s not too much damage.

J: What! Just look at it! I only bought it last week. You shouldn’t have been going so fast.

I: Well, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t my fault.

J: Wasn’t your fault? What do you mean? I had right of way (право преимущественного проезда).

I: I’m afraid you didn’t. You shouldn’t have come out like that.

J: Why not? There’s no sign.

I: What's that there then?

J: Oh, yes. A ‘stop’ sign. I must have missed it.

I: Well, you should be more careful. You could have killed us all!

J: Yes… I’m sorry. What more can say?

I: All right… all right. At least nobody’s hurt. Here come the police. You’d better explain it to them.


13.How’s his sister?

– She’s much better as I know.

14. – Lock the door and sit down.

– Why? What’s the matter?

15.How should I help?

– Mm… Wash the linen and press (iron) the clothes.

16. – What did he say about Miss Grey?

– He said she was pretty.

17. – Those children are absolutely unbearable.

– Don’t be too hard (суровый) on them.

18. – Are there many English books in your collection?

– Not many, but they are all worth reading.

19. – Will you take part in the project?

– I think the game is not worth the candle.

20.How should I keep these things?

– You should keep them at a room temperature.

21.How should he improve his phonetics?

– He should produce the sounds more carefully.

22. – Do you know why he’s so upset?

– His friends have cracked some ruthless jokes (пошутили). It’s disgusting!


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