Лекция: Артикли


1. Прочтите следующие слова и предложения, обращая внимание на безударность артикля и слитное произнесение с существительным.


a pen, a pencil, a book, a school, an institute, a computer, a desk, a mouse, a keyboard, an exercise, an inch, a film, an engineer, a disk, a university, an exam, a term, an end, a desktop computer, a difficult exam, an interesting exercise, a software engineer, an operating system.

It’s a book. It’s an interesting book. It is a computer. It’s a desktop computer. It’s an easy exam. It’s an autumn term. He is an applications programmer. It’s a hard disk. He is a good student. He has a notebook. She has a camera.


2. Употребите a или an.

1. … book 7. … organization 13. … guestion

2. … old book 8. … restaurant 14. … important


3. …window 9. … Chinese restaurant 15. … hamburger

4. ……horse 10. … Indian restaurant 16. … hour

5. … airport 11. … accident 17. … economic


6. … university 12. … bad accident 18. … nice evening

3. Ответьте на вопросы, используя данные слова с aили an.

Animal, bird, flower, fruit, musical instrument, planet, river, tool, game, vegetable.

1. a duck? It’s a bird.6. a hammer? It ….

2. the Nile? It …. 7. a carrot? It ….

3. a rabbit? It …. 8. Mars? It ….

4. tennis? It …. 9. a trumpet? It ….

5. a rose? It …. 10. a pear? It ….

4. Догадайтесь о профессии людей. Используйтеa / an.

1. (a book) He is a writer.

2. (a plane) He ….

3. (a newspaper) He ….

4. (a shop) She ….

5. (a photo) He ….

6. (a picture) She ….

7. (a piano) She ….

8. (a taxi) He ….

5.Напишите, кем были эти люди по профессии.

1. Beethoven? He was a composer. 5. Marilyn Monroe?

2. Shakespeare? He was …. 6. Elvis Presley?

3. Albert Einstein? 7. Van Gogh?

4. John Kennedy?

6.Определите, место артикляa/an в предложениях.

1. (I bought newspaper) I bought anewspaper.

2. (We went to party last night)

3. (My brother is artist)

4. (It’s beautiful day today)

5. (I ate sandwich and apple)

6. (Britain is industrial country)

7. (I had bath this morning)

8. (Barbara works in office)

9. (It’s very difficult question)

10. (We stayed at expensive hotel)

7.Некоторые из данных слов – исчисляемые, некоторые – неисчисляемые. Используйтес ними a / an, где необходимо.

sugar cup sand tea hat salt credit card

umbrella money car soap toothpaste letter toothbrush

8. Используя данные слова, составьте словосочетания с a …. of …. и переведите их.

bar cup loaf bread milk tea

a bottle glass piece of chocolate paper water

bowl jar piece honey soup wood

Example: a bottle of milk

9. Вставьте a / an, где необходимо.

A. “My name’s Sandra. I’m tall and slim. I’ve got … blue eyes, …. small nose, … big mouth and … dark hair. I think I’ve got …. nice smile. I wear glasses.

B. “Sandra’s got …. very friendly face with …. big smile. She’s got ….

long dark hair and … blue eyes. She’s got …. long legs, and she’s very pretty. She’s wearing …. blue dress today. She’s got …. nice voice.

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