Лекция: Present, past, future indefinite (simple) tenses and present, past continuous (progressive) tenses

1. Откройте скобки и поставьте глагол в форме (Presentили Past) IndefiniteилиContinuousпо смыслу.

1. What you (to do)? – I (translate) an article.

2. Where you (to get) this magazine? – A friend of mine (to give) it to me yesterday.

3. Last week I (to get) two letters from my brother.

4. Father (to come) at 5 o’clock last night.

5. I (to go) to the station at 5 o’clock yesterday.

6. When I (to translate) the article I (to use) a dictionary.

7. We (to try) to translate the article without a dictionary.

8. What you (to do) at 8 o’clock in the evening yesterday? I (to want) to come to see you.

9. It (to rain) from 2 till 4 o’clock yesterday.

10. It (to rain) still? I am afraid to be late.

11. They (to talk) while we (to work) in the workshop.

12. The meeting (to open) at 14.30.

13. We (to watch) TV when a friend of mine (to come).

14. The hall (to be) full of people when we (to come) in.

2. Откройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в нужной форме (Present, Past, Future Indefinite; Present, Past Continuous):

1. Look at these children: they (to skate) very well.

2. You (to skate) last Sunday? – Yes, we (to skate) the whole day last Sunday. We (to skate) again next Sunday.

3. My brother can skate very well. He (to skate) every Sunday.

4. What you (to do) now? – I (to wash) the dishes.

5. What you (to do) at 3 o’clock yesterday? – I (to have) dinner.

6. You (to have) dinner now?

7. Where your brother (to work)? – He (to work) at an Institute.

8. Your grandmother (to sleep) when you (to come) home yesterday?

9. What your brother (to do) tomorrow?

10. I (not to go) to the shop yesterday. I (to go) to the shop tomorrow.

11. Where Kate (to go) when you (to meet) her yesterday?

12. Every day the boss (to enter) the office at 9 o’clock.

13. Yesterday the boss (to enter) the office at half past nine.

14. When the secretary (to come) tomorrow?

15. At 6 o’clock yesterday we (to listen) to a very interesting lecture.

16. When I (to enter) the office, the secretary (to type) some letters.

17. My friend (to ring) me up at 8 o’clock yesterday.

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