Лекция: Отрицайте данные предложения.

1. Let your child go out alone.

2. Let my mother speak to the professor.

3. Let your cat sit on the table.

4. Call me so late.

5. Watch TV so long.

6. Let this boy speak so loud.

7. Be angry.

8. Let him be afraid.

9. Let our lessons be over.

10. Let him ask stupid questions.

9. Используйте нужную форму повелительного наклонения (Do, Don’t Let’s) и одно из данных слов по смыслу.

wake, break, wash, turn on, play, move, open, close, be, have.

1. I’m bored. … a game.

2. Always … your hands before you sit at the table.

3. The baby is sleeping. … her.

4. It’s our anniversary next week. … a party.

5. … late. Your father will be angry.

6. …! There’s a spider on your head.

7. That vase is expensive. … it.

8. … the oven door and put the meat inside.

9. It’s getting dark. … the light, please.

10. I’m cold. … the windows, please.

10. Знаете ли вы эти выражения? Проверьте себя по словарю и запомните их. Употребите их в предложениях по смыслу.

1-5: Be careful! Have a good journey / holiday Help! Hurry up! Look out! Sleep well.

6-11: Come in. Don’t forget …. Don’t worry. Follow me. Have some (more) …. Make yourself at home. Sit down. Wait for me. … Look out!

There’s a child crossing the road in front of you.

1. …. We’re going to be late.

2. …. There’s ice on the steps.

3. …. I can’t swim.

4. “….” “Thanks. I’ll send you a postcard.”

5. “I’m going to bed.” “Goodnight. ….“

6. “I’ll be home late tonight.” “OK. … your keys.”

7. …. I can’t walk as fast as you!”

8. “… coffee.” “No thanks. If I drink any more I won’t be able to sleep.”

9. “I’d like to speak to the manager, please.” “ Of course, sir. …, please.”

10. “Jill’s gone into hospital.” …. She’ll be all right.”

11. “Hello. … in and … down. Please ….”

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