Лекция: Особенности употребления страдательного залога в английском языке по сравнению с русским языком.

I. Переведите.

1. Her child will be looked after.

2. He was not answered.

3. He rose to speak and was listened to with great attention.

4. I knew I was being waited for.

5. He has just been sent for and is expected to come in some minutes.

6. These figures are strongly doubted and they are often compared with the recently received ones.

7. His speech and the demonstration of the experiment were followed with great attention.

8. My letter was answered immediately and I was asked in it to join the group.

9. His work is referred to in many papers.

10. The picture was looked at with great interest.

11. The document was being looked for everywhere.

12. She will be spoken to by the dean.

13. Their initiative was spoken of at the meeting.

14. I shall be laughed at if I say it.

15. The report will be followed by a discussion.

Задайте вопросы к предложениям, начиная их со слов, данных в скобках.

1. My childhood was spent in Krasnoyarsk. (Where…)

2. This instrument is preferred to all others because of its great reliability. (Why…)

3. The new engine is being tested by the engineers of our laboratory (Whom…)

4. A new research has been carried out successfully. (How…)

5. His first story had been published by the time he was 24. (by what time…)

6. He was shown her photo. (Whose…)

7. The workers were given instructions how to use the new equipment. (Who…)

8. At the library he was given an old shabby textbook. (What kind of…)

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