Лекция: Определите по формальным признакам, в каких из данных предложений глагол употреблен в пассивном залоге. Переведите эти предложения.

1. The engineer was asked to test a new device.

2. The committee is considering several new proposals.

3. The company has already ordered some new equipment.

4. The president has been called this morning.

5. The results of the last experiment were constantly referred to by the professor.

6. The child is being looked for by his grandmother.

7. He has never been there before.

8. The light has just changed from green to red.

9. The construction of the road was being completed when the commission arrived.

10. He will be allowed to use the mobile equipment.

5. Поставьте глагол, данный в скобках, в нужном времени (Indefinite или Continuous Passive).

1. Tziolkovsky (to be elected) a member of the Academy of Sciences.

2. Much attention (to be paid) to research work in our country.

3. He (to be asked) now.

4. A new bridge across the Oka (to be built) when I came to Gorki.

5. At the Institute the students (to be taught) many different subjects.

6. The children of Sparta (to be given) military education.

7. In Athens special attention (to be paid) to reading, writing and literature.

8. Next year a new school (to be built) near our house.

9. Take the book home so that you (to be able) to read it in the evening.

10. The new device (to be tested) for 2 hours before the engineer came and stopped the experiment.

11. When I came to Baku in 1962 the 1-st Mertro line (to be built) there.

12. I don’t know who (to be examined) now.

13. The new apparatus (to be installed) at the plant.

14. All the necessary information (to be stored) in the computer.

15. He (to be interested) in history since his childhood.

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