Лекция: Test 3 GRAMMAR

Задание. Заполните пропуски одним из четырех слов или выражений, приведенных после каждого предложения.


1. Can he ____________ English?

A) speaks В) speaking   С) speak   D) to speak


2. John speaks English, but_____________?

A) does Margaret B) speaks Margaret C) Margaret speaks D) Margaret does


3. What time_____________lunch?

A) does Jack has B) Jack has   C) do Jack has   D) does Jack have


4._____________you written the letter to our teacher?

A) Shall B) Will       C) Have   D) Having


5. When_____________her homework?

A) Ella usually does B) does Ella do usually C) usually does Ella D) does Ella usually do


6. If you work hard, you ________________your exams well.

A) pass B) will pass   C) have passed D) are passing


7. His son is______________.

A) so old as yours B) as old as your one   C) so old as your one D) as old as yours


8. I'm sorry that I had to stop our conversation __________________the telephone.

A) for answer B) for answering   C) to answer   D) to answering


9. He has three children, ________________he?

A) don't B) hasn't     C) haven't D) hadn't


10. All the questions of this test should _____________.

A) answer B) to answer     C) be answered   D) to be answered



Задание. Заполните пропуски одним из четырех слов или выражений, приведенных после каждого предложения.

1. His teacher always______________his mistakes to him.

A) reveals B) explains   C) exposes D) marks

2. This is a good___________of Byron's poetry.

A) cause B) difference     C) experiment   D) example

3. G. Washington's birthday is a public ________________in the U.S.A.

A) health B) harvest   C) holiday D) husband

4. The last electric______________had gone when we got to the station.

A) plant B) passenger   C) lorry   D) train

5. Our country has a democratic _______________.

A) railway. B) stream     C) government   D) mountain

6. An______________of modern artists' work was opened in the museum of Fine Arts last Saturday.

A) industry B) education   C) exhibition D) exception

7. Father wanted Bob to ______________an engineer.

A) become B) speak     C) think   D) seem

8. Last year she__________English lessons to a group of our students.

A) worked B) defended   C) drew   D) gave

9. The boy helped me to____________the heavy box into the house.

A) cover B) invite     C) carry   D) lose  

10. At school I always_____________in the first row.

A) found B) became   C) sat     D) fed

11. She______________me a magazine to read.

A) became B) brought   C) compared D) caught

12. You must not drink the water _____________from this lake.

A) appeared B) refused     C) taken   D) defended

13. When you _____________5 to 2, the total is 7.

A) move B) add       C) open   D) prove

14. They made a ___________to keep warm.

A) thing B) ready     C) piece   D) fire

15. John Milton decided to join the _________for freedom not by fighting but by writing.

A) struggle B) surprise   C) terrible D) success

16. The reporter asked Bob to ___________him the place where the car had stopped.

A) run B) take       C) give     D) show

17. The English language __________will take place at our school in May.

A) tradition B) competition     C) condition   D) attention

18. We __________our things on that shelf.

A) know B) keep       C) sleep   D) wake

19. The _____________travels around the sun.

A) death B) east       C) land     D) earth

20. The ______________of his friends was stronger than that of his own family.

A) birth B) government     C) influence   D) harvest

21. You must work hard to ______________ your knowledge.

A) move B) like       C) improve D) mean

22. The great artist did not pay____________to his appearance.

A) purpose B) attention   C) demand D) excuse

23. Tom_____________the ball to another player.

A) threw B)fell       C) grew   D) felt

24. They___________for several hours about their problems.

A) said B)told       C) spoke D) admitted

25. In some countries everybody has the ____________ to graduate from colleges.

A) importance B) opinion   C) opportunity D) development

26. The weather was__________on the day of the excursion, the sun was shining.

A) favorite B) fine       C) find     D) rainy

27. We had a___________evening with our friends, talking, dancing and listening to good music.

A) frozen B) silent     C) hungry D) pleasant


28. The Australian Commonwealth is nearly as _________as the United States.

A) little B)kind       C) large   D) high

29. Everybody must study a ______________language at school.

A) forgotten B) honour   C) foreign D) different

30. He… hasn't learnt how to drive a car.

A) still B) since C)yet D) then

31.I _______________ know what to say when someone thanks me.

A) among B) ago       C)near     D) never

32. He couldn't change his character___________if he wanted to.

A) every B) event     C) whoever D) even

33. The girl was sitting____________her mother.

A) beneath B) beside   C) outside D) along •

34. It was_____________dark when we arrived.

A) enough B) quite     C) fast     D) great

35. ______________the things that we took on the trip there was some tinned food.

A) About B) Except   C) Among D) Through

36. Even_____________she is old, she is very nice.

A) if B) though   C) while   D) then

37. We____________at the station ten minutes late.

A) came B) went       C) returned D) arrived

38. May I ask you to introduce me _____________your brother.

A) with B)for       C)to     D)at

39. This TV program______________for an hour.

A) took B) spent     C) lasted   D) passed

40. They are very good____________painting and drawing.

A) at B)for       C)by     D)on
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