Лекция: Self-check questions

Read the dialogue and analyze all types of linking. Mark the linking. Now practise the conversation, linking the words smoothly.

A: Ann’s just phoned. She and Diana are both on their way. Is dinner ready? Can I help you?

B: Yes. Can you get out two eggs from the fridge?

A: Which eggs? The large ones or the small ones?

B: The large ones. Small eggs are no good.

A: OK. Anything else?

B: Yes. Squeeze another orange, and put the fresh orange juice in a jug, please.

A: Right. What next?

B: There’s a pie in the oven. Take it out, and slide it under the grill. Then finish laying the table for me. Each person needs a knife and fork, and a cup and saucer. And then, could you scrub all these potatoes.

A: Come on, Anne and Diana!


English rhythm practice

Listen to this poem. Practise reading it.


If I were home,

If I were home,

I’d run to the beach,

take off my shoes

and walk in the sand.

I’d shake the sand off my shoes.

I’d feel it between my toes.

I’d smell wet sand in my hair.

I’d feel it in my eyes.

My face would sparkle from the sand.

I would say, “I hate this sand.”

Back home, the bed would be full of sand

and my clothes, and my hair.

I would wake up and feel the sand in my hair.

Oh, it’s been so long

since I have felt sand

in my hair.

Unit 11

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